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The BFS Committee

The British Fantasy Society is run by many people, all unpaid, in their spare time. Here’s a list of the email addresses for those currently involved. If you would like to contribute to the BFS in any way, then please feel free to email the appropriate person. If you would like to volunteer for a post, contact the chair.

Committee Members

BFS Horizons Editor ✉️
Shona Kinsella & Tim Major
Events Coordinator ✉️
Karen Fishwick
Chair ✉️
Helen Armfield
BFS Journal Editor ✉️
Sean Wilcock
Special Projects ✉️
Allen Ashley
Membership Secretary ✉️
Andy W Marsden
Publicity ✉️
Helen Armfield
Stockholder ✉️
Treasurer ✉️
Lee Harris
Awards Admin ✉️
Kat Fowler

Non-Committee Roles

Reviews Editor✉️
(inc.Books, & Comics)
Sarah Deeming
Poetry Editor ✉️
Ian Hunter
Short Story Competition ✉️
Independent Press & RPGs Editor ✉️
Craig Lockley
Media Reviews Editor ✉️
Audio, Film, TV & Games.
Matt Barber

Events Contacts

London Events Organiser ✉️
Karen Fishwick

Sheffield Events Organiser (in partnership with the BSFA) ✉️
Steve Poore

York Events Organiser (in partnership with the BSFA) ✉️
Alex Bardy


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Di Lewis – Area 51 (for new FantasyCon-attendees) (


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