BFS Booklets and Chapbooks

The British Fantasy Society produced a long-running series of booklets. Most of this list is adapted from the article “BFS Publications” by Jan Edwards, from Silver Rhapsody, booklet number 23. If any booklets or chapbooks from that point on are missing, please let us know. Note the original prices given here are for information only – this isn’t a listing of items for sale.


1. Bodoman of Sor

By Norma N Johns. Illustrated by Russ Nicholson. February 1977. Price 40p. This booklet was written under a pen name as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the Gor sagas. With a print run of 500 (a number that was to be fairly consistent with BFS publications until the rise in membership in the 1990s). It’s hard on the eyes due to its brown print and small font size, but a booklet of humour and style that set a high standard for those that followed.


2. William Hope Hodgson: A Centenary Tribute 1877–1977

Edited by Peter Tremayne. November 1977. Price 50p. Two stories by Hodgson with commentary by Tremayne. Front cover by Stephen Jones with illustrations by Jim Pitts and Russ Nicholson.


3. Longbore the Inexhaustible

By Adrian Cole. February 1978. Price 40p. Comic fantasy from a master of humour. Illustrated by Simon Horsfall.


4. Epic Pooh

By Michael Moorcock. Illustrated by John Grandfield. February 1978. Price 50p. Extracted from a larger volume, Heroic Dreams, Enchanted Worlds (Pierrot Publishing Ltd), a critical analysis of “epic fantasy”, but written with a general reader in mind


5. Through the Walls

By Ramsey Campbell. June 1978. Price 50p. The copy Jan Edwards had seen had a note from Ramsey declaring it to be the BFS’s first X-rated booklet. Fiction from the BFS president in his own inimitable style. Illustrated by David Lloyd.


Fantasy Authors on Film

Fantasy Authors on Film

This wasn’t an official numbered BFS booklet, but according to this 32pp booklet was produced by the BFS in association with the BFI in 1979.


6. Masters of Fantasy 1: Peter Tremayne

Edited by Jo Fletcher; produced by Paul Hiles. January 1981. Price 50p. Introduction by Brian Lumley with a Peter Tremayne story and bibliography. Illustrated by Alan Hunter.


7. Masters of Fantasy 2: August Derleth

Edited by Nic Howard; produced by Peter Coleborn. 1984. Price 50p. Story by Derleth with an introduction by Ramsey Campbell; text by Nic Howard, and a comprehensive bibliography. Illustrated by Allen Koszowski.


8. Gothique: 20th Anniversary Issue

Edited and produced by Stan Nicholls and David Griffiths. 1985. Price 60p. A special edition of the regarded 60s publications with articles by Ernest Harris, Jean Dempsey, Sandra Ward, Chris Fowler, Stephen Jones, Ramsey Campbell, Stan Nicholls and others. Cover by David Griffiths plus numerous other illustrations.


Cover of Winter Chills 1

9. Winter Chills 1


10. Masters of Fantasy 3: MR James

Edited by Richard Dalby and produced by David Sutton. 1987. Price 90p. Stories by MR James plus articles by Rosemary and Darroll Pardoe, and bibliography. Illustrated by Stephen Jones, Alan Hunter, Allen Koszowski and Jim Pitts.


11. Fantasy Fanzine Index: Vol 1

Edited by Steve Holland. 1987. Price 90p. An intended series to list all UK fanzine publications. Illustrated by Craig Forrester.


12. Winter Chills 2


13. Mystique 1


14. The Devil’s Graveyard

(Volume 4 of the Masters of Fantasy series). Edited by Richard Dalby; produced by Jeff Dempsey. 1988. Price £1.50. Stories by GG Pendarves with an introduction by Richard Dalby. Illustrated by Alan Hunter.


15. Stirring Within

By Russell Flinn. Edited by David Cowperthwaite. 1990. Price £1.00. Illustrated by Jeff Salmon.


16. Legends of Fogrophol

By Dallas Clive Goffin. Edited by David Cowperthwaite. 1991. Price £1.80. Illustrated by Clive Goffin.


17. Bookshelf 1

(Note: due to a “clerical” error, two booklets were assigned the series number 18.)


18. Birthday

By Mark Morris. Edited by Peter Coleborn. 1992. Price £1.50. Illustrated by Jim Pitts. Published for Fantasycon XVII.


18. Tanith Lee: Mistress Of Delirium

Edited by David Cowperthwaite. 1993. Price £3.00. Stories by Tanith Lee with additional text by David Cowperthwaite, P Relton, Mike Ashley and John Howard. Illustrated by Tanith Lee, Clive Goffin, C Demant, B Shaw (with a border design by Aubrey Beardsley).


Cover of Clive Barker, Mythmaker

19. Clive Barker: Mythmaker For The Millenium

By Suzanne J Barbieri. Edited by David Howe. 1994. Price £4.99. Introduction by Peter Atkins. Designed by Michael Marshall Smith. First of the BFS’s “proper” paperbacks, and the biggest seller to date at the time this list originally appeared in Silver Rhapsody. Illustrated by Les Edwards and Pete Queally.


20. Annabelle Says

By Simon Clark and Stephen Laws. Edited by David Howe. December 1995. Price £2.50. Introduction by Craig Cabell. This publication was supported by Hodder & Stoughton. The story was written over a weekend in Arreton Manor, a “genuinely” haunted house. Illustrated by Brian Aldrich.


21. Colonel Halifax’s Ghost Story

By S Baring‑Gould. Edited by David Howe. 1995 Price £2.80. Short story by Victorian writer S Baring-Gould with an introduction by Hugh Lamb. Illustrated by Janet Morris.


22. Outsiders

By John R Oram. Edited by Mike Chinn. 1996. £3.50. Essays on classic horror images. Illustrated by Bob Covington.


23. Silver Rhapsody

Edited by Jan Edwards and John Carter; produced by Jan Edwards and Peter Coleborn. 1996. A celebration of 25 years of the BFS, with articles by past and current Society members. Front cover by Jim Pitts plus illustrations by other artists.


Later chapbooks included:


Long Memories: Recollections of Frank Belknap Long

By Peter Cannon. Afterword by Ramsey Campbell. £5.00. 1997. A picture of Long’s final years with his devoted wife Lyda; it is a frank and honest account, not to be missed by those who want to learn about the personalities behind the genre.


Best of Prism UK 

Edited by David Howe. 1997. A collection of interesting bits and bobs from various Prisms, published for the World Fantasy Convention 1997. Contributors included: Matt Williams, Ramsey Campbell, Nick Royle, Nancy Sparling, Tad Williams, Terry Brooks, Tom Holt and David Howe.


Cover of A Dick and Jane Primer for Adults


By Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes. £6.00. 1997. A collection of four spine-chilling stories from Britain’s Prince of Chill. 60pp.


Holt! Who Goes There?

By Tom Holt. Edited by David Howe. 1998. 48pp. Collecting his columns from Prism.


H.P. Lovecraft in Britain

By Stephen Jones. Cover and interior illustrations by Les Edwards. 2007. 46pp. A monograph concerning the UK publication history of H.P. Lovecraft.


A Dick and Jane Primer for Adults 

Edited by Lavie Tidhar. Cover and internal illustrations by John Keates. 2008. 52pp. Grown-up stories about America’s favourite children. Available only to BFS members.