BFS Review Teams

The BFS has four teams of reviewers, each with its own editor. The reviews currently appear first on the BFS website and are sometimes also collected in Shelflings and the BFS Journal. Contributors retain the copyright in their reviews. Our definition of fantasy is a wide one, so items covered include heroic fantasy, science fiction, horror and everything inbetween.

Book Reviews
Editor: Phil Lunt
Novels, short story collections, anthologies, and non-fiction from the major publishers.

Indie & RPG Reviews
Editor: Craig Lockley
Small and independent press books and magazines, plus roleplaying games, expansion packs and tie-ins. Ebooks and hard copies available, depending on the title.

Comics and Graphic Novels
Editor: Jay Eales
Comics from big and small publishers. Reviewers willing to review from digital copies especially welcomed.

Media Reviews
Editor: Guy Adams
Films, television programmes, computer games, music, radio, audio plays, audiobooks, theatre, and more.

BFS house style

Double quotes for dialogue, scare quotes, etc. Single quotes only for dialogue within dialogue.

Spaced en dashes – for dashes, unspaced for number ranges (7–9).

Ellipses for trailing off… followed by one space. Ellipses for showing text left out … a space on each side.

Authors’ initials should be unspaced with full stops, e.g. H.P. Lovecraft. Exception: where initials don’t stand for anything, e.g. Russell T Davies, KT Davies.

“Short Story Title”, Book Title, Book Series Name, Film Title, Magazine Title, “Poem Title”, “Song Title”.

ebook, email, internet

Possessives after s: the BFS’s, Doris’s, etc. Go by what you (or the character) would say if reading it out loud.

UK spelling and punctuation is preferred.

For other things consult New ODWE or Fowler’s Modern English Usage.