Psychotrope #2

March 6, 2009

Review by Jenny Barber Psychotrope maintains the quality of its first issue with some fantastically gruesome tales although I find the cover to be a little weird – [...]

Black Tears #7

March 5, 2009

Review by Jenny Barber Black Tears has a great combo of contents in this issue, including an interview with Christopher Fowler, author of the new novel Spanky which has also [...]

The Third Alternative #5

March 5, 2009

Review by Jenny Barber The current issue of The Third Alternative is the most powerful yet. For instance, The Ties that Blind by Mike O’Driscoll is a double-whammy. As [...]

The Adventures of Brin #1–3

March 5, 2009

Review by Jenny Barber The Adventures of Brin is the name of a new(ish) comic-type zine produced by an imaginative chap called Tim Brown. Fortunately enough, I was lucky [...]

Premonitions #4

March 5, 2009

Reviewed by Jenny Barber Out of everything reviewed this time, one zine tends to stick out above the others. Premonitions. Hurrah, I thought, looking at the cover, a sci-fi [...]

Beyond #1

March 5, 2009

Review by David J. Howe This is an impressive debut. David Riley has successfully managed to combine the work of some of the best critics and writers in the field, to come up [...]

Dark Asylum #1

March 5, 2009

Review by Jenny Barber Among Dark Asylum’s varied contents, is a story from the editor of some genre newsletter, although the name at the moment escapes me! Asylum is [...]

Hammer Horror #2

March 5, 2009

Review by David J. Howe I have for many years been a secret admirer of the Hammer films. In fact, the first horror film I ever saw was Hammer’s Taste the Blood of [...]

Vampire State Building, Unholy Collection

March 4, 2009

Review by Whispering John Carter This review of a five-track German Import Maxi CD was originally published in the January/February 1995 issue of the BFS Newsletter (Vol. 19, [...]
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