Silent Night, Deadly Night

November 13, 2009

Review by Stephen Theaker A 1984 film out on DVD just in time for Christmas, this anticipates the recent Halloween remake in showing just why Billy’s so bad. Taken to [...]

The Culled, Simon Spurrier

October 11, 2009

Review by Karen Stevens Five years ago, a strange new disease wiped out 97% of humanity. Now the remains of mankind are divided into savage territorial clans and lorded over [...]

The Vampire Genevieve, Jack Yeovil

October 7, 2009

Review by Jonathan Oliver You may know Jack Yeovil better as that dapper gent Kim Newman, author of such genre classics as Anno Dracula and Jago. Here Newman is writing under [...]

Rogue Star (Warhammer 40,000), Andy Hoare

October 7, 2009

Review by Andrew Stickland In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, rogue traders are the equivalent of frontier merchants, though on a much, much larger scale. In Rogue Star we [...]

Evolution Expects, Jonathan Green

October 5, 2009

Review by Paul W. Smith The latest in the alternative Earth Pax Britannia series, Evolution Expects takes us into a London where the population is under threat of a startling [...]
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