Hell’s Belles Reviewed

May 4, 2010

Review by Stephen Theaker Brenda is on her honeymoon – she is now the Bride of Frankenstein (or at least his monster) in fact as well as name – and in her absence dark [...]

Stag Night

April 23, 2010

Review by Stephen Theaker Stag Night, out this week from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment, is a film steeped in horror history. It would have you think it’s where Death [...]

Coffin Rock

December 22, 2009

Review by Stephen Theaker Jessie Willis (Lisa Chappell), a marine biologist in a small Australian coastal town, has been trying for a couple of years to have children, but [...]

Hungry Hearts, Gary McMahon

November 21, 2009

Review by Paul W. Smith Imagine a time in the near future when Britain is overrun with zombies, eating, chomping, chewing, crunching their way through the population. In [...]

Blood: the Last Vampire

November 14, 2009

Review by Stephen Theaker Tokyo, 1970: army brat Alice McKee (Allison Miller) is attacked in the school gym by two demonic classmates, but she’s rescued by new girl [...]

Silent Night, Deadly Night

November 13, 2009

Review by Stephen Theaker A 1984 film out on DVD just in time for Christmas, this anticipates the recent Halloween remake in showing just why Billy’s so bad. Taken to [...]
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