Seeds of Earth, by Michael Cobley

July 1, 2010

Reviewed by Ian Hunter Not to be confused with Robert Silverberg’s The Seeds of Earth, this is a totally different, and better book, so hold on to your jet packs [...]

Ju-on: White Ghost / Ju-on: Black Ghost

June 30, 2010

Review by Stephen Theaker The two latest instalments in the Grudge saga, which already includes a dizzying array of films, TV movies and remakes, arrive now on a single DVD. [...]

Doctor Lerne, Subgod, by Maurice Renard

June 30, 2010

Review by Stephen Theaker This volume, the first of five collecting the complete scientific marvel fiction of Maurice Renard, “the French H.G. Wells”, includes a [...]

Flirt, by Laurell K. Hamilton

June 24, 2010

Review by Stephen Theaker Anita Blake is a lady with a lot of barnacles. She’s accumulated many powers in her previous seventeen books, and to a new reader their [...]

Dinosaur Park, by Hayford Peirce

June 21, 2010

Review by Stephen Theaker Like Kirth Gersen, hero of Jack Vance’s Demon Princes quintet, Kerryl Ryson loses his family in tragic circumstances and swears vengeance on [...]

The Collected Connoisseur – reviewed

June 15, 2010

Review by Stephen Theaker In his introduction Mark Valentine describes the inspiration for these 23 stories as those of Prince Zaleski, Mr Dyson and Carnacki. I’ve only [...]
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