Realms of Fantasy (April 2006)


Review by Karen Stevens Well, well – a copy of RoF without a skimpily dressed female on the cover! Instead we have ‘The Hounds of Morrigan’, a picture of the [...]

Warehouse 13 (Pilot)


Review by Stephen Theaker Warehouse 13 is reminiscent of the much-lamented Middleman (which apart from the odd clip on YouTube is only available to UK viewers on import DVD, [...]

The Oz Suite, Gerard Houarner


Review by Stephen Theaker Three separate novellas linked by their references to The Wizard of Oz (the film). Broadly speaking they can be taken as science fiction, fantasy [...]

The Quest of Dick & Dom (CBBC)


Review by Stephen Theaker Plague ravages the kingdom. Two accident-prone princes drop the antidote and are sent on a quest to find more. A wizard and a saucy lady thief [...]

Being Human (BBC3)


Review by Stephen Theaker A devilishly handsome vampire, a socially awkward werewolf and a heartbroken ghost share a house, but despite the set-up this isn’t a sitcom, [...]

Who Wants to Be a Superhero? (BBC2)


Review by Stephen Theaker I cry pretty easily at films and TV programmes, but you’re probably made of sterner stuff. You probably didn’t cry when Buffy said [...]

Gunpowder, Joe Hill


Review by Stephen Theaker I read a lot of horror in my early teens, when I was still dependent for reading material on the adults around me and the library. So that meant [...]
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