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Title: Alleria
Post by: Alfie on July 27, 2004, 04:19:48 pm
Alleria (

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to leave something behind that you really enjoyed?  Alleria is a 'Play by Post' fantasy game that I played for about two years or so.  Most of that time was spent as a GM and I enjoyed the chance to practice fantasy writing as well as having some good laughs along the way.

But the top dogs decided to change how the game was played.  Players can now moderate each other and the need for GM's is now nothing beyond setting up environments and overseeing various tasks.  I took the opportunity to depart from the game as it was no longer enjoyable for me.  Perhaps I relished the control of being a GM, presenting the story to players to see how they would react, etc.

But as I said, it is hard to leave something behind that you gave so much time to.  I have thought about returning, but really I want to start something fresh.  Well, no point to this post really other than to waste some time ;)

Back to work...
Title: Alleria
Post by: CraigLockley on August 17, 2004, 11:38:53 pm
Hi Alfie,

I run Play by email rpg's, which started as Play by Post some years ago. If you wanted to run a game under my banner, it could be arranged. Check out my site,

Title: Re: Alleria
Post by: Jedellion on September 26, 2006, 04:49:45 pm
I played Alleria for a while, I had very high hopes. Spent an age reading all the backgrounds, absorbing it. I came up with a very cool character concept. Ran it by the GM, got approval, signed up, even paid to become the gold member etc right from the start.

The big problem was that the moderators and GMs in the town I chose were very, very slow at responding and sometimes I got very brief and unimaginative replies which left me feeling rather flat.

So.... I resigned the character, spent an age writing a new backgrounsd for a new caharcter and, after much chatting with other players chose a more lively area..

Same result.

So I tried again....

and again...

In each case I had to sometimes wait three weeks for a response. And I just felt that I was wanting something out of the game that the other players, with a few exceptions, could not respond to. I was after deep, deep characterisationand slow steady growth. A lot of folks seemed to want quick adventures for quick rewards and to get as nig and powerfus as fast as possible.

In the end I git very depressed about the experience and left.

It was ashame. I wanted it so much to work. Esspecially since my tabletop group had recently folded due to families, work etc. It was my only outlet for my imagination...

Then I started writing... *lol*

Title: Re: Alleria
Post by: CraigLockley on September 27, 2006, 07:27:09 pm
I have spots in a couple of games if you're interested. One fantasy based in an alternate England at the time of Edward 1st. The other Call ofCthulhu (which our very own Jon Oliver and Wayne Mook are involved in)

Drop me a line at if you're interested