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Title: The Third Alternative
Post by: Jen on April 27, 2003, 09:56:22 pm
- pinched from their website -

It is strongly recommended that you study the magazine before submitting — this will obviously greatly improve your chances of acceptance.

Interviews: we don’t like transcripts for these interviews so write them up in an interesting way, not just as a series of questions and answers. We don’t mind seeing the interviewer’s point of view as well, or hearing his/her opinions. We have run/are running interviews with the likes of Michael Moorcock, Graham Joyce, Jonathan Carroll, Muriel Gray, William Gibson, Peter Straub, Brian Aldiss, M John Harrison, Joyce Carol Oates, Michael Marshall Smith, Mark Morris, Christopher Priest, Alan Moore . . . Length of interviews is generally around 3 or 4,000 words. Contact us first via email to check if we haven’t already got your intended subject covered.

Cinema: in-depth profiles of influential filmmakers who use elements of fantasy in their films. This series has included David Lynch, Roman Polanski, David Cronenberg, Jan Svankmajer, Nicolas Roeg, The Coen Brothers . . . We are also interested in occasionally covering a theme here as opposed to one individual. Length of the cinema feature is generally around 3 or 4,000 words. If you are able to provide film stills this would be a valuable bonus. Please contact us via email first with your suggested subject.

The Review: we review novels, graphic novels, anthologies, collections, films, videos, plays, multimedia, etc. The Review section occasionally also contains mini-interviews to accompany reviews. These reviews are invariably written by subscribers. If you want to join the reviewing team please just send us an email.


We present stories as imaginatively as we can, and every one is illustrated. We work with many of the finest cutting edge artists around but are always happy to consider new ones. Portfolios are welcome. Please don’t ask us to return these, as we’d like to keep them on file. Preferably you’ll have access to email and we’ll get back to you that way as and when we can. If you have a gallery on a website simply send us an email, we’ll visit it as soon as we can and get back to you.


We publish modern science fiction, fantasy and horror, as well as borderline material which uses genre elements with a relatively mainstream sensibility. The results are often unique and breathtaking, and it is this type of fiction which has earned The 3rd Alternative its enviable critical reputation and four British Fantasy Awards. Many of our stories have earned honourable mentions and reprints in both genre and non-genre Year’s Best anthologies, others have won prestigious awards, and a number of our contributors have been selected to appear in various ‘New Writing’ anthologies.

Stories are welcome all year round. We are never closed to submissions. There is no restriction on length (as long as it still counts as a short story). Please send your manuscript mailed flat or folded no more than once, in standard format, with a covering letter and adequate return postage (ie a stamped, self-addressed envelope). There are two addresses to which you can send your submissions. North American contributors may find it easier (and cheaper) to send their stories to the US address. All others should send their submissions to the UK address. North American writers are welcome to send their submissions to the UK address, but these should be disposable manuscripts and an email address should be listed for reply (this option is for submissions from overseas only — always enclose a SASE otherwise). All submissions must be in hard copy; please do not send any unsolicited submissions via email, they will simply be deleted (but queries, letters etc are always welcome via email, and these can be addressed to either our UK or US offices). Please do not send us simultaneous submissions, multiple submissions or reprints. Make sure The 3rd Alternative is on the envelope — TTA Press publishes more than one magazine!

Our average reply time is about four weeks.

Payment is made upon acceptance for First English Language Rights.


You can send your submissions to one of two addresses (but never both!).

The UK office is The 3rd Alternative, TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB. FAO: Andy Cox

The US office is The 3rd Alternative, TTA Press, 360 W. 76th Ave., #H, Anchorage, AK 99518. FAO: Wayne Edwards

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