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Title: AGM 2016 and awards proposals
Post by: Rolnikov on May 08, 2016, 03:27:26 pm
The 2016 AGM is to be held at FantasyCon-by-the-Sea (, in Scarborough. Precise date and time tbc, but it'll probably be the morning of Sunday, September 25.

As indicated my report to last year's AGM, I won't be standing for the post of awards administrator again this year. To stand for election, attend the AGM, where you will need to be nominated and seconded, and a vote will be called. You must be a fully paid-up adult member of the BFS to stand. (I don't think we currently have any overseas members of the committee (max allowed is two), so if you do live overseas that doesn't rule you out.) If you wish to stand, but are unable to attend, please email indicating your interest, and feel free to email me with any questions you might have. There's a full job description in the BFS vacancies thread (

Until then, any proposals to change the awards constitution must be sent to me in writing. You have the right to put proposals to the AGM in exactly the form you prefer (time allowing). I donít get to filter your proposals. However, I will be able to advise you, for example, on any practical issues the AGM might raise. Itís very helpful if, when proposing a change, you provide the precise form of words that you would like to be added to the constitution, so that it is absolutely and utterly clear to the AGM exactly what it is they are voting on. If youíre not sure how to go about this, Iíll be happy to help with the phrasing. Even if I don't support a particular proposal, itís better for everyone if itís clearly set out.

No proposals to change the awards constitution have been received so far this year.