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Introductions / Hello Again
« on: November 13, 2016, 04:19:46 am »
I've just re-joined the BFS. I stopped renewing after several times not getting books from previous times I've joined, I've decided to give the society another go, this time I've joined electronically, I usually send a cheque but last time I received 1 journal and even had a reminder to re-join that ignored my previous joining.

Well here's hoping and hope to read the new journal & publications.


BFS Events / York Open Night 22nd November 2014
« on: November 10, 2014, 08:20:10 pm »
Myself, Nadia and the little one are thinking of making the trek from Manchester the problem is we won't be there until 6 - 603pm.

Does anyone know the rules for children, is the Brigante OK with kids??


Houses Of Horror

Horror aficionado and film buff Matthew Sweet explores the creative rivalry between the two great British horror studios of the Sixties and Seventies - Amicus taking on the might of Hammer.

It's almost a given that the story of British horror movies belongs to Hammer films. The studio, with its lurid combination of sex and death, lashings of blood and gore, has given it a special stake in British hearts. It made over 200 films, such as Dracula and Curse Of Frankenstein with a recurring, legendary cast, including Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, and its 2007 revival drew heavily on past mystique.
Hammer was the most successful British film company of all time but, throughout its heyday in the 60s and 70s, it did battle with a much smaller, poorer, creative, upstart rival - Amicus films. Amicus was a small British horror studio that pioneered the much loved 'portmanteau' picture, such as Tales Of The Crypt and Vault Of Horror each movie a composite of four or five short stories, whose connection is revealed at the end.

Matthew explores the productive rivalry between the two contenders for the heart and soul of British horror, in a blood-curdling tale of low-budget, gore-spattered one-upmanship that's full of chilling atmosphere and fun.

Presenter/ Matthew Sweet, Producer/ Simon Hollis for A Brook Lapping production

Ep 1/1
Thursday 30 January

11.30am-12 noon


This is the blurb for the 1st one but there are 5 on same time everyday next week. all the tales are linked but stand alone.

Afternoon Drama: Listening To The Dead

Enoch Cartwright, a Victorian gentleman scientist, ploughs all his wealth into the development of a machine to record the voice of his dead daughter, Emily, unaware that his living daughter Clara talks to her sister every night.

After developing the means to make long-distance radio transmissions, Marconi devoted much of the rest of his life to listening out for the voices of the dead. If radio can conjure a voice disembodied in space, he expected, as have legions of people since, that radio can capture the voices of those disembodied in other dimensions - in time, in ethereal planes. As technology becomes more sensitive, more diverse, more obscure, there are pioneers always ready to harness the new to the service of this age old fascination.

This is the story of five generations of a family whose members can and can't hear the dead. It's an enterprise to explore the myriad ties, stories and quirks that bind families through the generations, across the spectrum of meanings of 'listening to the dead'. Between allowing the echoes of a beloved's voice to live on, and the notion that the dead can engage in communicating new information, are vast grey areas of misinformation that beguile the bereaved and thrill the imagination.

With Eva Sayer as Clara, Michael Bertenshaw as Enoch, Georgie Fuller as Emily, Priyanga Burford as Josie, Ben Crowe as Mr Wesley Blackburn, Carolyn Pickles as Woman , Arthur Hughes as Joe, Joel MacCormack as George, Ami Metcalf as Narrator. Written by Katie Hims.

Producer/ Jessica Dromgoole for the BBC

Monday 30 December


There are 5 linked tales all week, the notes say they are all independent but the last 2 look like they are very close to each other. The same girl in the blue dress she drowned in appears in each episode. should be fun,

sorry for the late shout out about this.



The first story in a new series of thrilling fantasy adventures.

The immortal wanderer William Palmer - Pilgrim - comes to Lyall Park, where he uncovers an astonishing and disturbing family secret.

Pilgrim, cursed with immortality by the King of the Greyfolk, is forever forced to walk between the human world and the world of Faerie in a never-ending quest to preserve the uneasy balance between the two. In this series, Pilgrim finds himself in pursuit of the mysterious Radiant Boy. On the way he encounters a ballroom filled with un-dead dancers, a cursed village, a woman in love with a man with a fox's tail and a medium who takes him across the line between life and death...

With Paul Hilton as William Palmer, Sean Murray as Kenny, Michael Bertenshaw as Harry, Annette Badland as Colville, Carolyn Pickles as Bryony, Priyanga Burford as Lavinia, James Lailey as Threadgold, Georgie Fuller as Cashier and Colin Guthrie as Sound.

Written by Sebastian Baczkiewicz.

Producer/ Jessica Dromgoole and Marc Beeby for the BBC

Ep 1/4
Thursday 21 November

The rumours was the last series of this was the end so it's good to see it back again, about the only fantasy on radio that's not kids, comedy or a classic/best seller.

Plus since Saturday there have been a lot of Dr who stuff on the radio networks.


Other Media / Edinburgh Haunts - 3.45pm Friday 25 October - BBC Radio 4
« on: October 23, 2013, 12:04:54 am »
Well I said I'd put a few things on and here is the first.



Friday 25 October
Edinburgh Haunts

Ep 1/3

I Remember Yesterday is the first of three brand-new ghost stories from leading Scottish writers which are set in Edinburgh.

Bestselling crime writer Val McDermid, whose Tony Hill detective novels were dramatised as TV series Wire In The Blood, kicks off the haunted Edinburgh tales.

A young woman haunts 'the Serpent's Back' of The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, seeking revenge to the Seventies strains of Donna Summer's song 'I Remember Yesterday'.

The series continues with Susie Maguire's tale of an actor at the Edinburgh Festival whose performance of a Robert Louis Stevenson short story begins to take hold of him; and thriller writer Louise Welsh concludes with a story that evokes the folklore of the doppelganger, or double, but is set in a contemporary Edinburgh town house. In traditional tales, your double is a shadow heralding your own death - if you see your own doppelganger in passing, it's very bad news!

Read by/ Hannah Donaldson, Producer/ Allegra McIlroy for the BBC

Hope you enjoy these tales.

Other Media / Sexton Blake is back
« on: July 20, 2009, 10:48:00 pm »
On Radio 2 Sexton Blake is making a return, first up is a documentary before the serial begins.


The Hunt For Sexton Blake
Tuesday 28 July
10.30-11.30pm BBC RADIO 2

Sexton Blake is one of the most famous and long-lived fictional detectives and adventurers of all time, who battled opium smugglers, bandit chiefs and the Kaiser.
In his heyday, tales of Sexton Blake's adventures were more widely read than Sherlock Holmes and featured in approximately 4,000 stories by over 200 authors.
In this hour-long profile and exploration of Blake's impact, David Quantick talks to: author Michael Moorcock, who used to edit the Sexton Blake Library; Jack Adrian, a former writer and comic-book illustrator; and Kevin O'Neil, who co-created The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and other heroes.
David also examines the story of the Blake author who vanished under mysterious circumstances.
Britain's iconic sleuth explodes back into action in a new series of adventures beginning on BBC Radio 2 this Friday 31 July at 9.15pm.
Presenter/David Quantick, Producer/David Morley
BBC Radio 2 Publicity

The Adventures Of Sexton Blake Ep 1/6

Friday 31 July
9.15-9.30pm BBC RADIO 2

Sexton Blake is a name synonymous with hurtling adventure and doom for villainy. Britain's most prolifically chronicled sleuth explodes back into action in a new series of thrilling adventures: 40 years after his last public incarnation.
In a series packed with incident and hilarity, Sexton Blake (Simon Jones), and his plucky assistant Tinker (Wayne Forester), aided by Mrs Bardell (June Whitfield): battle diabolical masterminds, bewitching thieves and sinister fiends, out-thinking them in the head and out-punching them in the jaw!
This cinematic audio romp is a period-set re-invention of Blake's glory years during the Twenties and Thirties and includes a cameo appearance by BBC Radio's Sixties Sexton Blake the late, legendary and coolly dashing William Franklyn.
Producer/David Morley
BBC Radio 2 Publicity

General Discussion / BBC SCi-Fi Radio serials due out on CD.
« on: March 21, 2006, 09:42:03 pm »
Classic Radio Sci-Fi Series.

The Quatermass Memoirs. (1996.) Semi-documentary with Nigel Kneale and Andrew Keir.

Aliens of the Mind. (1976.) Starring Cushing and Price. On a remote Scottish Island something causing strange deaths.

Day of the Triffids. (1968.) Starring Gary Watson, Barbara Shelley and Peter Sallis, Peter Pratt, Christopher Bidmead and David Brierley. After the world is blinded, a few sighted people must fight the peril of death dealing plants.

BBC Audiobooks
Audio CD - July 3, 2006

They cost ?16.99 except Quatermass, possible ?10 but unsure.

Superman: Doomsday & Beyond

BBC Audio CD ? May 1, 2006.


Released on CD for the first time, this thrilling full-cast original radio drama is based on the long-running comic strip.

Whilst Daily Planet lovebirds Clark Kent and Lois Lane finally get engaged, the villainous Lex Luthor dies in a plane crash. Metropolis is thriving with prosperity and happiness under Superman's care - or so it seems...

Produced by Dirk Maggs, who directed the recent new episodes of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, this production is hugely acclaimed by fans

Some lovely stuff coming from the Beeb.


Promote Your Projects / 2006 SHORT STORY COMP.
« on: October 16, 2005, 06:52:54 pm »
British Fantasy Society


Fantasy/Dark Fantasy/Horror/Science Fiction with an anniversary theme.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the British Fantasy Society and 30th anniversary of FantasyCon.

First Prize:
?50, engraved prize & publication in Dark Horizons
Second Prize:
?25 & publication in Dark Horizons
Special Guest Judges:
Chaz Brenchley, Stephen Gallagher and Chris Fowler

Closing Date: 30th May 2006
Entry Fees: BFS Members ? FREE  *  Non-Members - ?5 per story

Entry Guidelines:

Submissions should be a maximum of 5000 words, standard ms presentation.

Send covering letter/email with your name, address, email address, story name, word count & payment details (ie. Date of online transaction or cheque enclosed).  DO NOT put your name on the story.  

Email entries: mark your email ?BFS Short Story Competition? and attach your story as a word/rtf document to
Pay online via our secure store at

Postal entries: send to BFS Short Story Competition, c/o Pat Barber, 3 Tamworth Close, Lower Earley, Berks RG6 4EQ and enclose (if applicable) cheque payable to ?British Fantasy Society?

General Discussion / NEW Quatermass on TV
« on: March 04, 2005, 03:13:05 pm »
Here is news of Quatermass on BBC4. new live play.

Press Releases
BBC FOUR to produce a live broadcast of the sci-fi classic, The Quatermass Experiment

As part of BBC FOUR's TV On Trial season in March, Janice Hadlow, Controller of the channel, has commissioned a live adaptation of The Quatermass Experiment, the iconic Fifties sci-fi classic production.

This is the first live television drama to be shown on the BBC for over 20 years.

The Quatermass Experiment was a television phenomenon, attracting massive audiences when it burst into British homes in 1953.

It brought science fiction to the small screen for the very first time and its eponymous lead character, rocket scientist Professor Quatermass, became the UK's first TV hero.

Janice Hadlow, Controller of BBC FOUR said: "I am thrilled that we're bringing Quatermass back to life. Playing as part of the finale to TV on Trial - BBC FOUR's quest to find the golden age of TV - it's wonderful to have one the first 'must-watch' TV experiences that inspired the water cooler chat of its day.

"I hope fans of the original series, as well as a new generation, will be gripped as Professor Bernard Quatermass races to save the world.

"And for the channel to broadcast the first live BBC television drama for over 20 years is an added treat."

For aficionados of sci-fi and the paranormal, writer and creator Nigel Kneale is a hero and the Quatermass series is a landmark for British television, which led the way for future cult series such as Doctor Who.

Now fans of the original series as well as a new generation will be gripped by the heroics of Professor Quatermass when a rocket crashes to earth, unleashing a terrifying chain of events?

For BBC FOUR, it has been adapted and brought up-to-date by Richard Fell (executive producer and head of BBC Fictionlab, whose credits include the acclaimed Kenneth Tynan: In Praise of Hardcore and The Alan Clark Diaries), with Kneale - now in his 80s - as consultant.

The director is Sam Miller (This Life, Quite Ugly One Morning, Elephant Juice and Among Giants).

Nigel Kneale says: "I am absolutely thrilled that 50 years after I created Professor Quatermass, BBC FOUR is remaking my programme."

TV on Trial invites the great British public to pronounce their verdict on whether today's TV is better or worse than it used to be.

Across a week from Sunday 27 March, BBC FOUR broadcasts some of the outstanding TV programmes of the past six decades of British television.

Each night is introduced by two prominent broadcasting figures - one a champion, the other a critic of the featured decade.

Viewers then register their votes and comments via email, text message and telephone.

A live studio debate at the end of the week-long 'trial' announces the result.

Notes to Editors

The Quatermass Experiment - transmitted in 1953; Professor Quatermass was played by Reginald Tate. Of the original, only episodes one and two (out of six) were recorded.

Quatermass II - transmitted 1955; Professor Quatermass was played by John Robinson. The full series was recorded.

Quatermass & The Pit - transmitted 1957; Professor Quatermass was played by Andr? Morell. The full series was recorded.

The Quatermass Experiment was remade by Hammer Studios in 1955 for cinema release

Well don't know about you lot but I think a visit to our kids is in order. Or I'll have to find a cheap digital box.


Other Media / NEW RPG store and they do traditional stuff.
« on: October 23, 2004, 07:44:17 pm »
NEW Roleplaying store in Manchester.

Fanboy 3.

Manchester?s only dedicated game store and organised play venue.

17 Newton St. Manchester, M1 1FZ.

Just off the corner of Piccadilly Gardens closest to Piccadilly Train Station opposite The Roadhouse.

Store opens Tue to Fri 12 am to 7 pm.
Saturday 10 am to 7 pm.
Sunday 12 am to 6 pm.

64 person Organised Play Space.
Organised play Tue to Fri 7 pm to 11 pm.
Tournaments every weekend.

Board Games.
Collectable Card Games.
Miniature Games.
Roleplaying Games.
Traditional games.

Each months play list is in store and on the web site.


It?s now been going over a month and I?ve used it myself. They are lovely people run by a mix of old gamers and novices. I recommend the place.


PS Plus they said I can leave BFS flyers there. Plus you can buy Marbles in case you've lost yours.

BFS Events / Stephen Donaldson meets the BFS 12 Nov. 6.30pm
« on: October 23, 2004, 12:55:15 am »
I know this is in the main part but I thought it would not hurt to stick this here too.


Stephen Donaldson meets the British Fantasy Society

Date: 12 November
Time: 6.30 pm onwards
Location: Deveraux, the upstairs room at the Temple pub (address: 20 Devereux Court, Essex St, The Strand, London, WC2R 3JJ)

Nearest tube: Temple

Details: Stephen Donaldson is meeting with the BFS for a social evening.  He will be chatting about himself briefly to begin with, and then mixing informally.  A raffle will also be staged including signed proofs, and a couple of first editions!

For more information/queries please contact Vicky - or 07736 285336

Check Stephen Donaldson?s official site for details

Promote Your Projects / Radio Writers Bursary.
« on: October 11, 2004, 04:40:50 pm »
Ever wanted to write for radio here is your chance, if your in the north.


Do you have an idea for a radio play? BBC Radio Drama are looking for new, talented writers based in the North. You could win a bursary of up to ?6000 - in addition to getting your work produced on BBC RADIO 4. So don't just dream about it, write it ...

What is the Alfred Bradley Bursary Award?
This biennial award was set up to commemorate the life and work of Alfred Bradley, the distinguished BBC Radio Drama producer who created a huge amount of new drama in Manchester. It's the most prestigious radio drama prize in the country and encourages new radio writing in the North of England, in association with BBC Radio 4.

What Do I Win?
Up to ?6000, your work broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and an opportunity to develop future commissions.

You Can Enter If...
You're currently based in the North, you've had some of your work put on somewhere/somehow and you've never had a play produced by BBC Radio Drama.

Who Decides?
The judges include playwrights Willy Russell and Jackie Kay, Project Director BBC Writersroom and Northern Exposure Melanie Harris, BBC Radio 4 Commissioning Editor Caroline Raphael, actor Barbara Marten and Alison Bradley.

What Do I Send?
An original 45 minute radio drama suitable for the afternoon play slot.
No longer than 7,000 words.
A stamped self addressed postcard for acknowledgement.
A large s.a.e. if you would like your script returned to you.
To: Janet Hampson
Alfred Bradley Bursary Award
BBC Radio Drama Room 2130
New Broadcasting House
Oxford Road
Manchester M60 1SJ

Your script must be legibly typed. It must arrive at the above address by 30th November 2004. We cannot accept scripts by fax, email or on tape. The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Short listed candidates may be asked to meet the judging panel for an informal interview. Your name MUST NOT appear anywhere on the script. Winners will be announced by Feb 2005.

Alfred Bradley Award Patrons
John Arden, Alan Ayckbourn, Beryl Bainbridge, Stan Barstow, Alan Bleasdale, Judith Bradley, Bernard Cribbins, Val Georgeson, Willis Hall, Bernard Hill, Barry Hines, Bob Hoskins, Jill Hyem, Alan Plater, Gillian Reynolds, Neville Smith, Brian Thompson, Keith Waterhouse, Victoria Wood.

Here is the the page on the BBC website

I won't be at the September screening but hope to see you at the October one.


Film Events.

The Society of Fantastic Films:

A Retrospective of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Movies. 17th season. Programme 2004/5.

Meeting start at 7.30 pm and are held on the Last Friday of each month at the Unicorn, Church Street, Manchester.

Free, But you need to enrol so they can have details to send new programmes and the Annual Convention. The Festival of Fantastic Films.

September 24th.

The 13th Warrior. (1999.)
Radar Men From the Moon. Serial. Chapther 11.

October 29th.

The Killer Shrews. (1959.)
I Bury The Living. (1958.)

November 26th.

The Final Countdown (1980.)
Radar men of the Moon (1952.) Chapter 12, the final chapter.

December 17th.

The terrible Dr. Hitchcock. (1962.)
What A Carve Up. (1962.)

January 28th 2005.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1956.)
The Crimson Ghost (1946.) Chapter 1. New Serial.

February 25th.

Love At First bite. (1979.)
The Deadly Mantis. (1957.)

March 25th.

Dark City. (1998.)
The Crimson Ghost. (1946.) Chapter 2.

Contacts: Tony Edwards {Membership enquires.} 96, Meadowgate Rd. Salford, Manchester, M6 8EN.
Tel: 0161 707 3747.

All other enquiries to: Gil Lane-Young. Tel: 0161 929 1423.

TV and Film / Dawn of the Dead.
« on: April 05, 2004, 09:32:14 pm »
Finally got to see this and happily it is a damn site better than Texas Fanboy MTVideo p*ss take.

Ok, I prefer the original, on this Wednesday if you have not seen it. It's nice to note they have spotted the change in shopping malls, then there was food, now there is a coffee shop. The social comment is not there as strong but it is there, don't be fooled. It is more of an adventure zombie film with some of it's own plot twists. It uses parts of the other films and but not in a fanboy way. Some of the 28 Days Later style movement works well in the film.

Over all a good action horror film, don't expect a master piece but I enjoyed it.


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