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General Discussion / Bloody Soppy Vampires - I HATE Them!
« on: August 31, 2017, 07:53:33 pm »
Bloody soppy vampires - I HATE them! Give me PROPER scary vampires, like Dracula, any day over pathetic, misunderstood, teen vampires, which have ruined the genre so much.

Anybody else hate the modern trend for making vampires more romantic and less scary?

General Discussion / Free Sample Download of My Book WEREWOLF NIGHTMARE
« on: August 31, 2017, 07:36:55 pm »
If you love werewolf novels, then you might be interested in downloading the FREE sample of my werewolf novella, WEREWOLF NIGHTMARE, from my site at:

If any of you do avail yourself of this free download offer, I would very interested to hear what you thought of it. Thanks.

Ask the Authors and Artists! / Werewolf Nightmare Author Alan Toner
« on: May 23, 2017, 01:07:42 pm »
Hi everybody. I am new here and am the author of the horror portmanteau novella WEREWOLF NIGHTMARE, along with many other horror and paranormal books.

I would just like to ask what are the rules on this board for authors promoting their work? I mean I have published many books on Amazon and was wondering if there is a cap on how many I can mention here.

I thought I'd better ask first, as I would not want to run the risk of being accused of spamming.

Alan Toner
Horror Author

TV and Film / Why Aren't Horror Movies As Good As They Used To Be?
« on: May 23, 2017, 01:00:19 pm »
As a lifelong horror fan, I have noticed that most of today's horror movies are very poor, and certainly not a patch on the old horror flicks like Universal, Hammer and Amicus. This troubles me, as with so much of this celluloid garbage being churned out all the time, it does not bode very well for the future of horror movies.

These are the main aspects of contemporary horror movies which, in my view, detract considerably from their enjoyment factor;

1. The Found Footage (I blame the boring Blair Witch Project for this explosion in shaky-camera syndrome).
2. Too many obnoxious, boozed-up, sex-mad teens (esp in the American horror movies).
3. Annoying flashbacks mixed in with puzzling intercuts of the plot.
4. Characters you don't sympathise with
5. Too much reliance on excessive blood and gore rather than concentrating on crafting a good, engrossing story
6. The stupid actions of the protagonists (e.g. WHY oh WHY do they ALWAYS run up the stairs to the bedroom or get into a car when the monster/psycho is chasing them? In real life, your nerves would just go and you would run like Billy O!).

Can you think of any more things that spoil modern horror movies?

Alan Toner
Horror Author

General Discussion / Aren't People Buying Werewolf Books Anymore?
« on: May 23, 2017, 12:34:33 pm »
As a horror author who has published a werewolf portmanteau novella on Amazon, I would just like to ask this question: aren't people buying werewolf books anymore?

I ask this because my book has been online on the Amazon store for quite a few months now, both in Kindle and paperback versions, but has hardly sold a copy. I have changed the cover a few times, promoted it like mad on werewolf groups etc., but still the sales are dire.

So what do you all think? Should I not even think about writing any more werewolf books and try something else?

Alan Toner

Introductions / Hi From Horror Author Alan
« on: May 23, 2017, 12:13:57 pm »
Hi guys. My name is Alan Toner and I am a published horror and paranormal author. Firstly, I would like to thank the moderators for accepting me as a new member. It's really great to become part of a community whose genre I love so much.

Well, initial pleasantries sorted, I will now tell you a little about myself. I have always had a big interest in horror and fantasy, a love which started back in the late 1960s, when I used to stay up to watch the old Universal monster movies on TV as a kid. I then went on to Hammer films - especially the Dracula ones starring Christopher Lee - and Amicus (love their portmanteau films). I never dreamed that one day I would actually own all these wonderful movies on DVD and Blu Ray!

Alongside watching horror and fantasy movies, my other biggest passion is writing. Naturally, the genre I love to write in most is horror and fantasy, and I am now publishing my ghost stories and horror anthologies on Amazon. My favourite writers are Stephen King, James Herbert, Ramsey Campbell and Clive Barker. I also like R. Chetwynd Hayes. As regards my own fiction writing efforts, I have published vols. 1 and 2 of my HORROR STORIES collection on Amazon Kindle Store (paperback versions will soon be produced), along with a werewolf portmanteau novella called WEREWOLF NIGHTMARE. As well as horror fiction, I also write true paranormal books.

Well, that's a short bio all about me. I look forward to contributing regularly to this forum, and interacting with all you like-minded fans.

Again, nice to be here.

Alan Toner
Horror Author and Blogger


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