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BFS Publications / BFS Horizons #9
« on: June 15, 2019, 11:21:03 am »
Thanks to Shona, Tim and Ian for BFS Horizons #9, which arrived in the post today. It includes the fiction and poetry of David Hartley, Andrew Wallace, Angie Rega, Phil Dyer, C.B. Droege, Val Nolan, Allen Ashley, Richard Berry, Zoe Mitchell, Tomas Furby, Alessio Zanelli, Dan Coxon, Linda Neuer, James Rhodes, Cardinal Cox, Cam Rhys Lay, Martin Schwarz, Melanie Smith, Arran Bedford, Jessica Malen, Jack Westlake, Maz Hedgehog and Andrew Wallace. The cover art is by Sophie E. Tallis, and there is an editorial by Tim Major.

If other BFS members would like to add it to their reading lists, it's up on Goodreads:

Guest editor Douglas Ogurek is now open to submissions for his third unsplatterpunk anthology, to be published as Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #67 in September.

"We’ll take ultraviolent humour, perverted country bumpkin, and raw realism. We’ll take vile fantasy, gruesome sci-fi, and grossmance… anything so long as it defies contemporary sensibilities, repulses us, and integrates a virtuous message."

The deadline is July 31, 2019. No payment offered; TQF is an amateur non-profit zine that is given away for free.

More information here. Note that submissions for this issue should be sent to Douglas at the address provided, rather than to the usual TQF email address.

BFS Publications / BFS Horizons #8
« on: February 02, 2019, 10:23:39 am »
Thanks to Shona, Tim and Ian for the latest issue of BFS Horizons, received today.

It includes work by David Carey, Cardinal Cox, Richard Farren Barber, Amelia Wreford, Tom HJ Robinson, Zoe Mitchell, Andrew J.T. Johnston, Stewart Hotston, Matt Colborn, M.M. Lewis, Lucy Stone, Daniel Carpenter, Tanya Fillbrook, B.R. Sanders, George Sandison, Allen Ashley, Mark Kilner, Ying Ping Low and Jasmine Brown. Cover by Joe Slucher.

It's on Goodreads, if you'd like to add it to your reading lists:

Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #64 has re-opened for submissions till the end of October 2018. The rescheduled issue is now due out in December. Guidelines here:

No payment offered, I'm afraid; it's an amateur non-profit magazine that we give away for free.

Submissions invited for three anthologies from Grimbold Books:

Unexpected Heroines:

Why is it always the teenage girl who is the heroine?
These are the stories of female protagonists who are never cast in the feature films. The awkward, the old, the forgotten, the different.
Their adventures were never meant to be. Their save-the-world expeditions shouldn't have happened. They are the ones who stepped forward when no-one else would.
Our unexpected heroines.

Forgotten Sidekicks:

We all know what happens when the hero saves the day, but what about their sidekicks?
Too often the hero is held high and celebrated whilst their sidekicks and comrades are brushed to the side; their own battles forgotten, and their actions airbrushed to nothingness from the tales of victory.
These are the stories of the ones who aren’t remembered; the ones who helped save the day, and got cast aside; the ones who don’t want the applause, and the ones who deserved the applause and never received it.
These stories didn't make the headlines - but they happened, and they're glorious.

Lost Gods:

They have slept for centuries. Buried. Forgotten. Lost.
Until they awake. Or are awoken.
When the deities of old return, will they bring blessings or destruction to a time that no long remembers them?
Should they be left to lie in peace, or used for our own ends? Are they gods, or monsters?
What lies out there in the realms of the lost gods?

Submission Guidelines:

The submission window will run from 1st September until the 30th November inclusive.

Submissions to be emailed to:

Lost Gods –

Forgotten Sidekicks –

Unexpected Heroines –

All sub-genre and styles will be considered – comedic, epic, grimdark, noblebright etc. We are particularly keen on diversity - think older characters, LGBTQ, ethnic minorities and those with disabilities

Submissions should be (ideally) between 4-7,000 words (10% leeway given either side) and either 1.5 or double spaced and in an easy to read font such as Times New Roman or Arial size 12/14. Please include your contact details at the end of the story, along with a short bio and details of any writing credentials and/or social media handles.

We are aware that this is a long submission window, but hectic lifestyles for both writers and editors means that we must be patient. Editors will be reading submissions as they are received but final decisions are unlikely to be publicised until the end of December 2018 at the earliest. This allows there to be a reasonable amount of time for reading and selecting the final line-up.

Payment will be £15 per story and a physical copy of the final anthology for which the story appears and, should you also wish, copies of the eBook for your own private use and not for resale or lending.

More info here.

BFS Publications / BFS Horizons #7
« on: June 16, 2018, 11:00:08 am »
BFS Horizons #7 arrived today - looks good! Thank you editors Shona Kinsella and Tim Major, as well as Ian Hunter, who must be approaching his tenth year as the BFS's poetry editor.

It's up on Goodreads if members would like to add it to their reading lists. It's a nice easy way to promote the society:

Because Goodreads shows I have the BFS publications, I sometimes get emails from non-members asking for bibliographical information about them, so I thought it might be handy to pull that together here (page numbers in brackets):

Editorial, Shona Kinsella and Tim Major (5)

The Bane of the West, Kristina Dyer (7–14)
The Watch House, David Ryan (17–29)
Finisterre, Malcolm Devlin (33–38)
Red, Hannah Hulbert (39–44)
Mary Burnes in the Utica Crib, Adam Millard (48–59)
Domina, Dev Agarwal (64–78)
Springtime, John Deans (79–82)
Before the Black Throne, Damon L. Wakes (84–85)
The Library of Lost Time, Allen Stroud (86–106)
The Wurleigh Skull, Matt Colborn (110–112)
Long Days, Agrippina Domanski (113–121)
Momma's Embrace, Heather Johnson (122–125)

Banners, Adam Alexander Woodruff (15–16)
Ouroborous (a Villanelle), M M Lewis (30)
Dystopian Sparkle, M M Lewis (31–32)
From the Pea in Dogsthorpe Road, Cardinal Cox (45)
Fit for Work, Cardinal Cox (46–47)
Casualty of War, Allen Ashley (60–61)
Sea Sons, Allen Ashley (62–63)
The Storm Walker, Edward Ahern (83)
My Shadow Sister, Becca Miles (107)
The Descent of Inanna, Becca Miles (108–109)

Cover art by Vince Haig, originally from Interzone #258.

BFS Publications / BFS Journal #18
« on: May 21, 2018, 12:32:35 pm »
Received BFS Journal #18 today, edited by Allen Stroud, and it's on Goodreads now if any other members would like to add it to their reading lists:

Worth doing if you can, since Allen seems to have a foe who is indiscriminately giving all of his BFS publications a one-star rating, and it'd be nice to balance that out with ratings (good or bad) from people who have actually read them.

BFS Publications / BFS Horizons #6
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:17:09 am »
Received BFS Horizons #6 today. Looks good. Edited by Phil Lunt and Ian Hunter, with contributions from Alice Hearn, Becca Miles, Allen Ashley, Liam Garriock, Lucy Hounsom, M.M. Lewis, Andy Rugg, P.J. Reed, Jim Rockhill, Ian McLachlan, D.J. Tyrer, Richard Salazar, Charlotte Platt, Matt Colborn and James Ellis. The cover art is by David Rix, from Moonshine Express by Poppet.

I've set it up on Goodreads, if anyone else wants to add it to their reading lists:

A new publication launching from the Anglia Ruskin Centre for Science Fiction & Fantasy. The first issue's theme is For Future Generations:

For this issue of Electric Athenaeum, we are seeking genre stories that focus on the issues surounding planning for future generations. We are particularly interested in stories featuring new visions/interpretations of generation starships, the care of fragile ecosystems, and dramatic explorations of balancing the rights of future generations versus the needs of the present.

Word Limit: 3,000–10,000 words

Pay: £50 per story

Genre: "open to any genre of speculative fiction, so long as the story contains a strong imaginative thread"

They're also looking for non-fiction.

More details here:

Anthology from Fox Spirit, crossing furries with spy stories. Will open for submissions during March.

The anthology has a spy story theme, and we will consider stories written in most genres as long as they contain a spy story. They do not need to include a Jackal. The stories in this anthology should be Furry. This means we are looking for anthropomorphised animal characters, people with extremely animalistic characteristics and the range in between.

Payment: £15 plus a print copy of the book.

More details:

British Fantasy Awards / Television eligibility question
« on: November 27, 2017, 09:40:00 pm »
I'm thinking about what I'd like to add to this year's suggestions list, and I had a question about eligibility for the tv (and film) category.

Black Mirror season three was considered eligible for the 2017 awards, though it wasn't all by the same writer, and was made up of several separate stories, so for the 2018 awards, does that mean we should on the whole suggest television seasons, e.g. Game of Thrones season seven, or American Gods season one, etc, rather than specific episodes?

I think that would be great, especially for shows that are consistently really good without having particular episodes that really stand out, and also for those that have loads of great episodes that would split the vote, but I wanted to check because I wouldn't want to encourage votes for material that would later on be ruled ineligible. Thanks!

From November 1 to December 31 authors without a literary agent can submit unpublished novels to Angry Robot during an open door period.

Science fiction and/or fantasy, full manuscripts only, 70,000-130,000 words.

Feminist magazine Mslexia has invited female writers to submit fantasy stories and poems for the showcase section of the magazine: "we’re looking for stories and poems with a mythical, mystical or paranormal aspect to them. So channel your inner Rowling and Pullman and open the door to daemons, dungeons and dragons."

There is "a small payment for most submissions we publish" (£25, I think, looking elsewhere on the site) and "entries are judged anonymously".

Stories: up to 2200 words
Poems: up to 40 lines
Short scripts: up to 1,000 words

Guest editor Douglas Ogurek is now open to submissions for his second unsplatterpunk anthology, to be published as Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #63.

"Unsplatterpunk overtly or subtly integrates a compassionate message into an otherwise splatterpunk story. In other words, unsplatterpunk retains all the taboo subject matter, over-the-top violence, and gruesome details of splatterpunk, but puts a positive spin on it."

Sandra Unerman reviewed the first anthology for the BFS; the review gives a few pointers as to the kind of thing Douglas is looking for.

The deadline is February 28, 2018. No payment offered, I'm afraid; TQF an amateur non-profit zine that is given away for free. It should be out in March or April 2018.

More information here. Note that submissions for this issue should be sent to Douglas at the address provided, rather than to the usual TQF email address.

Calls for Submissions / Other Covenants, deadline February 4, 2018
« on: August 30, 2017, 10:47:42 am »
An anthology of Jewish alternate history, to be edited by Andrea D. Lobel and Mark Shainblum and published by ChiZine Publications in autumn 2019.

500–15,000 words, 8 Canadian cents per word, submission via website not email. New stories preferred but reprints considered. Pseudonyms must be disclosed.

Guidelines here.

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