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Well folks, no sooner have the gates closes on subs to Eibonvale's last anthology ('Rustblind and Silverbright': an anthology or railway-themed stories) than they are launching a new one. This one will be edited by the great Hal Duncan and the wonderful Chris Kelso. Entitled " Caledonia Dreamin' ", they will be looking for 'strange fiction' in the loosest sense, i.e. modern and surreal rather than historical pastiche, each story to be inspired by a particular Scots word. Don't worry if you're not Scottish, because you'd be surprised how many Scots words have eaten their way into the world's wider vocabulary. Few of them translate into English directly, and therefore embody culture-specific ideas which are a rich treasure trove to busk on. Here's a link to the full guidelines:

Word limit: 1000 - 12000 words. Closing Date: 31st May.  Noo get birlin' an' scrievin' ya rapscallion gowks ye!  ;D

Esteemed editor, writer and Slipstream guru Allen Ashley and Douglas Thompson (author of such books as Ultrameta and Sylvow) will be talking and reading at an event at Glasgow's CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts) in Sauchiehall Street this Thursday evening (20th December). Douglas has two new books out, Mechagnosis and Entanglement, loosely speaking one Horror the other Sci Fi. So something for everyone and a good excuse for a party afterwards. Such luminaries as Hal Duncan, Neil Williamson and Kirsty Logan intend to be among the audience. More details here:

Eibonvale Press is issuing a call for submissions for an anthology of stories connected to the railway. The concept is pretty open but the
book aims to gather a collection of works revolving around the railway with a modern and innovative aesthetic ranging from horror to
surrealism and beyond. "Rustblind and Silverbright" will be published in 2013. It takes its title from a wonderful short story about trains by the German writer Wolfgang Borchert, who was said to have cut his trigger finger off on the Russian Front so that he couldn't serve the Nazis. Ponder that over your suburban breakfast. More info and the full guidelines can be downloaded at:

Promote Your Projects / Eibonvale Anthology: "Where Are We Going?"
« on: March 03, 2011, 10:06:41 pm »
Up-and-coming publisher of Surreal/Horror/Sci Fi/Slipstream: Eibonvale Press, are looking for submissions for Allen Ashley's next anthology "Where Are We Going?" until 30th April 2011.
Here is the link to the full guidelines:
Allen has a strong track record for fascinating anthologies, having previously edited Elastic Press' Subtle Edens and PS Publishing's Catastrophia to name only two. This is also a good way to get your name and work read and known by Eibonvale, who are as unconventional and open-minded as publishers get, so get writing.

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