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Over on facebook a rather lengthy discussion has been going on about how the awards are decided. A lot of people there (who attend F'con) have commented that they think the awards should move to a juried shortlist.

What do people here think and how could such a change be implemented if it was wanted by the majority?

Introductions / Hi
« on: October 04, 2011, 08:18:27 pm »
Hi, just rejoined the BFS after a year out. Never ventured to this forum when I was a member before. I've just come back from Fantasycon and had a great time as I always do (my 6th F'con)

Thought I'd come along to the forum as this year's con has raised some stuff about the BFS and the awards I'd like to discuss, not in this thread, this is just me saying hi  :)

Look forward to hearing people's views on things 8)

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