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Promote Your Projects / Free copy of Johnny Mains' collection...
« on: March 28, 2020, 04:59:22 pm »
A  free copy  for you to read during the Coronavirus crisis...

Frightfully Cosy and Mild Stories for Nervous Types by Johnny Mains
ISBN 978-0-9539032-5-2. Introduction by Stephen Volk. Cover art by Richard Sampson.

During this very difficult time with the Coronavirus pandemic, Johnny Mains has kindly offered his collection "Frightfully Cosy and Mild Stories for Nervous Types" free to download and read. The physical book is out of print, but you can download a pdf from the Shadow Publishing website here:

Not for the Squeamish! The collection contains twelve bizarre stories, five previously unpublished. From classic themes in his sequel to M. R. James’ ‘A Warning to the Curious’, to his wild take on traditional horror subject matter in the strange case of ‘The Were-Dwarf’, to the bleakly dark modern horror of ‘Cure’. This collection of extraordinary horror yarns will not disappoint genre fans who enjoy variety in the books they buy.

From the twisted mind of British Fantasy Award winner Johnny Mains Comes 12 stories of death, betrayal, insanity and pregnancies... “Johnny Mains not only carries a flame for the old horrors, but wants to cause a bit of a conflagration of his own. The most fitting result would be if the next generation of horror readers will look back with pleasure and affection at his tales as we did with the Pans and Fontanas of our ill-begotten youth” (Stephen Volk). “Where other writers might veil their threats in layers of obscurity, Johnny Mains just tells it like it is and in doing so creates a collection which is instantly engaging yet persistently memorable” (

Announcements and Suggestions / Re: OLD BFS PUBLICATIONS NEED NEW HOME!
« on: January 17, 2020, 09:00:25 am »
Hi. I'm happy to send them to a new home with just the postage covered. Can we sort out the details? My email is

Announcements and Suggestions / OLD BFS PUBLICATIONS NEED NEW HOME!
« on: January 11, 2020, 10:39:57 am »
I have a batch of BFS publications from the 1970s onwards if anybody would like them. These include The British Fantasy Society Newsletter and BFS Bulletin, Dark Horizons and Fantasycon programme booklets. The postage will be £13.75 (UK), so if there are any offers over that, please reply to this topic. I can supply a list of the publications and dates if required.

Another very complimentary review of Rosemary Pardoe's "THE BLACK PILGRIMAGE & OTHER EXPLORATIONS: Essays on Supernatural Fiction" (ISBN 978-0-9572962-7-5) has been published in Rue Morgue magazine #184.

The reviewer Dejan Ognjanovic in part says,

"...scholarly in its treatment of a vast variety of sources and incisive in its penetrating understanding of James’ work. Perhaps the best essay in the book, about “The Black Pilgrimage” (a fictional esoteric concept invented by James in his story “Count Magnus”), enlightens with its unexpected but logical allusions to the occult works of Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons and others".

The book is available from all the usual outlets or direct from the publisher at:

Promote Your Projects / James Wade's Arkham House book that never was...
« on: September 03, 2018, 12:37:14 pm »
Fans of August Derleth and Arkham House may be interested in an Arkham House book that never was… James Wade (1930-1983) proposed a collection of his stories for AH (Derleth had already published some of the author’s stories and poems in anthologies). There was a Foreword written by Fritz Leiber.

Now, much expanded from that original concept, “Such Things May Be: Collected Writings” has been put together by editor Edward P. Berglund. Published by Shadow Publishing, this major retrospective contains 25 short stories, over 20 poems and more than 30 essays and reviews in this major retrospective of the author. Included are tales from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos: The Deep Ones, A Darker Shadow Over Innsmouth, The Silence of Erika Zann; darkly supernatural terror from the Midwest, The Nightingale Floors, The Pursuer, The Elevator, Snow in the City; Weird tales set in Korea: The Temple of the Fox, Time After Time.

A very good review of the James Wade collection, by Mario Guslandi, has been posted on the SFRevu website.

"In short, an exhaustive and long due homage to an unjustly forgotten author in the field of dark fiction".


Rosemary Pardoe’s “The Black Pilgrimage & Other Explorations: Essays on Supernatural Fiction”, gets ‘first billing’ in Michael Dirda’s “Washington Post” column of 15th August. In ‘This is getting weird: Critics on horror, science fiction and fantasy’, Dirda discusses the cross-fertilization of the horror, Sf and fantasy genres and John Clute’s “useful umbrella term ‘fantastika’”. He then reviews some recent books about fantastika and has some fine things to say about Rosemary Pardoe’s writing.

“No one knows more about M.R. James, author of the best ghost stories in English, than Rosemary Pardoe. In The Black Pilgrimage and Other Explorations (Shadow Publishing) she collects her “essays on supernatural fiction,” many of which reflect her careful research into the textual complexities and historical context of James’s imaginative writing. What, for instance, is “the black pilgrimage” undertaken by Count Magnus in the story of that name? Is it a journey to Chorazin, the reputed birthplace of anti-Christ? Or might it be a reference to the “black” stage in certain alchemical experiments? Pardoe also includes introductions to Arthur Gray and E.G. Swain, two masters of the antiquarian ghost story, as well as appreciations of more modern writers such as Fritz Leiber, Jack Finney and Phil Rickman”.

Copies of Rosemary’s absorbing book can be sought from your regular book supplier, or Amazon or direct from the publisher here:

By Rosemary Pardoe

Shadow Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9572962-7-5 (300 pages, £11.99)

The celebrated writer M.R. James (1862-1936) is arguably the most significant author of ghost stories in the world. His macabre work has terrified and fascinated readers for over a hundred years. Now collected in one volume, here are twenty-nine essays on his ghostly tales and themes by editor and James scholar Rosemary Pardoe.
Plus eight further essays on other authors, including Fritz Leiber, E.G. Swain and Manly Wade Wellman, and a fascinating miscellany of nine additional pieces on a variety of topics.
Rosemary Pardoe is a respected essayist and has edited the influential M.R. James-related magazine Ghosts & Scholars since 1979.  She also edited three volumes of The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows (Sarob Press), and is the co-editor of Ghosts and Scholars: Stories in the Tradition of M.R. James (with Richard Dalby, 1987) and Warnings to the Curious: A Sheaf of Criticism on M.R. James (with S.T. Joshi, 2007).

Promote Your Projects / Re: Shadow Publishing News
« on: January 16, 2018, 12:52:53 pm »
Edited & with an introduction by Edward P. Berglund. Foreword by Fritz Leiber. Cover art by Jim Pitts

Publication date: 31st January 2018. ISBN 978-0-9572962-6-8. (520 pp, £14.99)

Such Things May Be, by James Wade, collects a number of the author's genre short stories, poetry, non-fiction and non-genre work from the 1960s onwards. Edited by Edward P. Berglund, the book will have James Wade's introduction to the original collection plus Fritz Leiber's Foreword (This is the Arkham House book that never was, but with much additional material).

Tales from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos: ‘The Deep Ones’, ‘A Darker Shadow Over Innsmouth’, ‘The Silence of Erika Zann’. Supernatural terror from the Midwest: ‘The Nightingale Floors’, ‘The Pursuer’, ‘The Elevator’, ‘Snow in the City’. Weird tales set in Korea: ‘The Temple of the Fox’, ‘Time After Time’. And many other short stories and poetry, plus many essays and reviews of weird fiction. 25 short stories, over 20 poems and more than 30 essays and reviews in this major retrospective of the author.

After army service James Wade (1930-1983) settled in Korea and he wrote widely on music for a variety of periodicals. His symphonic and chamber music has been performed in many countries, and he completed an opera based on Richard E. Kim's best-selling novel of the Korean War, "The Martyred". He wrote a column for The Korea Times and his work has been anthologised by such noted editors as August Derleth, Ramsey Campbell, Stuart David Schiff and Herbert Val Thal.

Promote Your Projects / Shadow Publishing News
« on: November 23, 2017, 11:51:05 am »
SHADOW PUBLSHING is pleased to announce that we have three new cover images by Peter Coleborn, for the 2nd editions of Tales of the Grotesque: A Collection of Uneasy Tales, by L. A. Lewis, The Female of the Species & Other Tales of Terror, by Richard Davis and Creeping Crawlers, edited by Allen Ashley

There's a special discount offer if you order all three.

“L. A. Lewis undoubtedly earns a high place among the best masters of supernatural and macabre literature that Britain has ever produced”. (Richard Dalby)

The eleven stories featured in The Female of the Species portray a writer well trained in the genre’s canons and literary tricks, providing many entertaining and pleasantly disquieting, shivering moments to the reader". (Mario Guslandi)

Editor Allen Ashley has a pleasing mix of new talent and the “usual suspects” in his line-up for CREEPING CRAWLERS, including several writers whose work will be familiar to readers from the pages of Black Static... in a story that starts slow and minatory, with Cole ('Running With The Tide') constantly raising the stakes until something both horrific and awe inspiring arises from the deep (Peter Tennant - Black Static magazine).

See the new review of Samantha Lee's great collection, Worse Things Than Spiders & Other Stories on the Vault of Evil Forum. The collection was first published in 2013, with a second edition in 2017, with three additional stories and stunning new cover artwork by Paul Bateman.

To read Worse Things Than Spiders is to wonder why it's taken this long for a selection of this prolific author's short horror stories to see the light of day, so another well done to Shadow Publishing who have recently issued a second edition with three additional stories"

[attachment deleted by admin]

The new, 2nd edition of Samantha Lee's Worse Things Than Spiders & Other Stories is now available. Stunning new cover artwork and three additional stories. It's available from

Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions:

Also in paperback from the Shadow Publishing website:



Edited and with an introduction by Dave Brzeski.
Cover artwork by Edward Miller.
ISBN 978-0-9572962-5-1.
Large size paperback 4to, 420 pages.

For the first time, all of Elizabeth Walter's 31 short stories collected in one volume. Supernatural, eerie and uncanny tales from her collections Snowfall & Other Chilling Events (1965), The Sin Eater & Other Scientific Impossibilities (1967), Davy Jones's Tale & Other Supernatural Stories (1971), Come And Get Me & Other Uncanny Invitations (1973) and Dead Woman & Other Haunting Experiences (1975).

Elizabeth Walter was a novelist, short story writer, translator and for thirty years from 1961 editor of the Collins Crime Club imprint, the highly regarded subscriber club. She was a very private person, but in his informative introduction, the book's editor, Dave Brzeski, has researched snippets of bibliographic information from her days with William Collins. In addition he discusses her writing and reviews the adaptations of her stories on television.

Positively brilliant. They should rank as classics among occult stories. The character building and atmosphere are superb. Dennis Wheatley on ‘The Sin Eater’

Order from our website or Amazon:

Promote Your Projects / Shadow Publishing - Fanzines for sale
« on: November 14, 2016, 10:34:48 am »
At the new Shadow Publishing website I am selling a selection of old, obscure, rare and collectable (mostly American) fanzines and chapbooks at very reasonable prices and post free (UK customers). Included are items relating to H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and others, many fascinating titles from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. These can be found on the webpage. Also a selection of second hand books in very good condition, again with postage free (for UK customers).

Please take a look by clicking on the Fanzine or Second Hand Books tab at the top of the website  page! If you need more information on any of the items, just contact me.

Great interview!


In the best tradition of pulp fiction, Edmund Glasby’s storytelling is fast-paced, fantastical, escapist and with a large dollop of Grand Guignol horror. Eleven deathly tales of shapeshifters, vampires, hybrid creatures, ghouls, zombies, hauntings and mad scientists!

“A clever melting pot, cooking some classical ingredients of horror fiction - the supernatural sleuth, the haunted house, exorcism... Vivid graphic horror... An offbeat mix of crime and pulp fiction, sparkling like a glass of champagne”

A new collection that signifies the emergence of a major talent in horror fantasy writing!

Shadow Publishing, May 2016. ISBN  978-0-9572962-4-4, £9.99



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