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Hey Jim

Many thanks for the kind words on Amazon. Really helps a lot.

Cheers and take care.


Thanks, Jim!

Perhaps if you had a free moment you could pop a very brief review (couple of lines) and a star rating on Amazon?

That sort of thing really helps!

We're planning to do some short story collections as well in the near future, which I'll also announce here  :)

That's brilliant news, David. Many thanks! Really hope you enjoy it and do let us know what you think!

Perhaps you might like to pop a short review on Amazon as well once you've read it? Feedback always welcome...  ;D

Dear Friends

I am thrilled to reveal that HUSH, the apocalyptic Lovecraftian dark fantasy novel I wrote with Tim Lebbon, is now available as a kindle ebook, published by Bad Press for the modest price of £3 in the UK, and $4.87 in the U.S.

HUSH was short-listed for August Derleth Award for Best Novel in British Fantasy Awards 2001 and has been out of print for a number of years. If you do like the book I hope you'll also consider offering a rating and quick review for us on either of the Amazon sites. Stars mean sales! Here are some excerpts of HUSH reviews from its physical release to help you make up your mind...

“With HUSH, Tim Lebbon and Gavin Williams deliver a chillingly horrific tour-de-force that is at the cutting edge of the genre... A masterfully written book... HUSH is, quite simply, a modern masterpiece.” - Brian Keene, author of TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME and TEQUILA's SUNRISE.

“HUSH weaves a bizarre narrative filled to bursting with paranoia and rife with heart-pounding madness. There are twisted visions here that will get inside your heart to root and flourish.” - Tom Piccirilli, author of EVERY SHALLOW CUT and THE COLDEST MILE.

“It’s books of this quality that keep me coming back to the dark well of horror fiction time and time again. I offer HUSH as proof that scary books, properly handled, can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best literature on the shelves.” - Garrett Peck in THE HELLNOTES BOOK REVIEW

“HUSH blends outright horror, Lovecraftian fantasy and pitch black humour to stunning effect. Lebbon and Williams have taken genre staples and given them a damn good shaking, creating something welcomingly fresh and unconventional... Everything about this book... exudes class. So what are you waiting for – go and buy it!” - PRISM, THE MAGAZINE OF THE BRITISH FANTASY SOCIETY

“Lebbon and Williams work the room like pros, keeping the reader's eyes focused on unnerving, distinctive details while using them to build up a picture of evil on a truly grand scale... HUSH offers brooding paranoia, cosmic monsters and day-to-day life as pieces of a puzzle the reader puts together alongside the characters. The prose is never less than compelling, and the story is relentless.” - Rick Kleffel in the AGONY COLUMN REVIEWS

“HUSH, by Tim Lebbon and Gavin Williams, may well be the British horror novel of the year, and I don't say that lightly... Lebbon and Williams are masterful storytellers, able to convey the surreal and disturbing without backing down, yet rooting it so firmly in our mundane world that it is impossible not to accept... Don't believe that, as you near the end, you have everything worked out though - Lebbon and Williams save some body blows for the final few pages.” - CIAO UK

“HUSH is a triumphant phantasmagoria, a headlong journey containing much that will long linger in the mind.” – WALDEN EAST REVIEWS

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FantasyCon / Re: Short Films
« on: September 06, 2010, 01:29:20 pm »
Ah, well. Not to worry. Maybe next year. Well, I'll see everyone in the bar then...

FantasyCon / Short Films
« on: September 05, 2010, 09:37:23 pm »
At last year's con there was a short film strand. Is that likely to repeated this time around?

I'm interested to see other people's work, though I should also announce a vested interested.

I recently directed a horror/suspense short which might be suitable for screening. Folks might be interested to hear about my experiences on the project as people mainly know me for my writing, and the experience of a writer directing for the first time could be informative. The film was funded by the uk film council, which everyone knows is now to be taken out to the shed and humanely culled, so that's another talking point maybe?

Anyway, if there's no strand this year, I'll just see everyone in the bar (but feel free to come ask me about the film if it interests y'all)  ;)


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