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Nightjar Press launched two new titles at the World Horror Convention in Brighton. Joel Lane's 'Black Country' and Alison Moore's 'When the Door Closed, It Was Dark' are both 16pp, signed, limited-edition chapbooks, £3 each + a tiny amount for postage. For further info go to

Ask the Authors and Artists! / Re: Nicholas Royle
« on: March 31, 2010, 12:53:54 pm »

London, the late 1980s.

A storm of hurricane strength brings two people together.

One of them is married.

‘Nicholas Royle writes at the very edge of genre, both at the cutting edge and at the border with something that is rather different’
— Roz Kaveney, TLS

‘His books are a tonic for our jaded palates’
— Jonathan Coe

‘He makes the ordinary seem spooky and the uncanny seem believable’
— Laurence Phelan, Independent on Sunday

‘A master craftsman’
— Ron Butlin, Sunday Herald

Ally, how did you insert that image? I'm tryng to insert an image on my reply to Iamacanadian and I can't bloody work out how to do it.

Ask the Authors and Artists! / Re: Nicholas Royle
« on: March 31, 2010, 12:52:12 pm »
I have a copy of the novella The Appetite on my shelf written by you, which has not yet been opened. Two questions, the second relying on the answer to the first.

  • is it a cookery book?
  • should I start reading it from the front, or the back?

Dear Iamacanadian

I am so sorry to have taken so long to see your post. I am replying immediately. Start at p39, read a little bit, then go back to the beginning. Read the very generous introduction last of all. The only novel I know of that uses recipes is John Lanchester's The Debt to Pleasure, one of the last books to be published in Picador paperback with their classy, distinctive black type on white spine design. I wish they'd go back to that. I'd start buying their books again, because they look nice on my shelves.

Ask the Authors and Artists! / Nicholas Royle
« on: March 09, 2010, 11:47:02 pm »
Not at all sure I’m doing this right, but I am at least making the effort to key nice slanted apostrophes and quote marks. None of that straight up and down rubbish. I’ll answer any question anybody has. Maybe not truthfully, but I’ll answer.

Nightjar Press / spring titles
« on: March 09, 2010, 11:42:41 pm »
Thanks to the BFS for giving us a little home here. Nightjar Press will be publishing two new chapbooks at World Horror Convention at the end of March. These are ‘When the Door Closed, It Was Dark’ by Alison Moore, and ‘Black Country’ by Joel Lane. Each is a 16pp A5 booklet, b&w inside, colour card cover, priced £3. The two launch titles from last autumn, ‘What Happens When You Wake Up in the Night’ by Michael Marshall Smith and ‘The Safe Children’ by Tom Fletcher, are very nearly sold out. All titles are signed and numbered. It should go without saying that the stories are original publications.

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