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Announcements and Suggestions / Re: Members Only
« on: October 24, 2011, 09:21:01 pm »
me too  :)

General Discussion / Re: Recruiting Potential New Members.
« on: October 21, 2011, 10:54:08 am »
Is the lack of replies here more to do with forums dying out in general in favour of Facebook and Twitter?

I think the power of the tweet and FB needs to be fully embraced and utilised to bolster membership. I'm guessing this will be discussed to some extent at the EGM.

General Discussion / Re: Redefining 'Fantasy'
« on: October 21, 2011, 10:50:06 am »
I think it's the job of the British Fantasy Society to make all classifications absolutely clear. There should be some sort of 'definitive guide' in these forums as to exactly what is meant by all of the different forms of fantasy.

The big question is... Who would be up to the task of providing the definitions?

Good luck to whoever takes on that task!  :o
I joined BFS around 6 yrs ago as a mainly fantasy reader having gone to my first F'con and met my two fav authors (Messrs Chadbourn and Barclay) I was under the naive impression at the time that it was meant to be a society for fantasy readers. I know just hold out for some redressing of the balance, but it will be what the majority of the members vote for. If it stays predominantly horror then maybe it should get renamed....

Great that it's back on again. Hope I can make it  :)

BFS Publications / Re: Prism reviews
« on: October 14, 2011, 07:49:53 am »
How is the review team picked please?

Debbie exactly what I was going to ask. I can't make the EGM, but recently rejoined with the intent of at least voting on things.

All excellent points Emma.

I've thought a tiered price with an opt in/out for publications a good idea but it may be that that will cause the end of the publications due to lack of funds.

I get what you say about men vs women and their reading preferences so a jury has to be carefully selected, but still think a couple of BFS members on a jury could be good. (btw I'm clearly an exception as despite being a woman I read epic/military fantasy, sci fi, horror and am never likely to pick up a paranormal romance   ;D)

On the subject of engraving the awards then I think it's reasonable to leave it to the winner get their name engraved if they want. They keep the ward so as you say they know it's theirs. Thus enabling voting to take place at Fantasycon which I think a great idea if we don't have a jury system.  I'd be willing to count votes and am numerate  :). As a mother of children who win sporting cups and trophies getting them engraved is no big deal and not expensive.

I also think that reducing the number of awards could increase their worth.

As for costs. It's not a simple matter of picking a design off a shelf and buying a hundred of them. At the moment they are designed and then cast individually.

You misunderstood me, I didn't mean pick one off the shelf I meant get something designed that represents the BFS and looks good then look at getting enough made that the unit cost comes down. I know this is possible and know companies who can produce such a thing. You need to look outside the box rather then at bespoke castings if cost is an option. I'm happy to help with that if required.

I too feel very sad that Sam felt she had to return the award because she won it fairly on the way the system is at the moment. I do think the awards administrator needs to be ineligible for an award.

Right briefly as I'm meant to be off to work!

If they awards stay as one vote per member it will stay as a popularity contest as I don't believe the voters will read all the shortlisted books/stories.

To be a valid juried panel it needs respected people outside the BFS committee to be on it. This could be respected reviewers as they'll have likely read the books anyway so not so much extra work. Plus maybe a random generated member of the BFS or two to get the for want of a better wod lay person's view.

The awards themselvs don't have to be expensive to make. For a start pick one design and stick with it then get a bulk order done. Works for the Oscars.....

Introductions / Re: New boy
« on: October 05, 2011, 10:01:23 pm »
Hi, I'm from the West Country too! A little closer to Devon than you though. Will you be heading to Bristolcon later this month?

Introductions / Re: Hi
« on: October 05, 2011, 09:59:50 pm »
Thank you, nice to be here  :)

No worries, disrepdog does sound dodgy I guess. It's my user name all over the place and stems from my love of the disreputable dog from Garth Nix's Abhorsen trilogy.  ;D

I hope this does all lead to something positive

Just to reiterate, anyone who wants to know who I am feel free to pm me. I am used to forums where your real name is hidden. I am happy to stand up and be counted should a round table discussion take place as has been suggested. 

Thank you David for your post, I now have a clearer idea of things. This was one reason I started this thread. I wasn't passing an comment on who won the awards this year and I am very saddened to read that Sam feels she has to give her award back. She won it on the way the awards are run at the moment.

I just wanted to find out the views of people here on the current system and if others think a change would be a good idea.

I do think a voted for longlist followed by a juried shortlist would be good. I also think Cheryl Morgan makes very good points.

I'd also like to add that I didn't know until Monday that F'con attendees could also vote, not just BFS members and I think I'm not alone in that. If the system stays then there could be 500 plus voters next year if they are all aware they can vote.

I'll also be emailing the committee offering help with next year's awards as someone with no connections to the industry but an avid reader.

I think my questions are valid as a member of the BFS and a F'con attendee for the the last 6 years. I haven't actually put anything wrong here have I ? I am trying to gauge the feelings of the BFS in the right place rather then on facebook. I am very wary of putting my name on a public forum. I'll pm you who I am and anyone else who wants to know. But I'd rather keep it off public view if that's ok.

Over on facebook a rather lengthy discussion has been going on about how the awards are decided. A lot of people there (who attend F'con) have commented that they think the awards should move to a juried shortlist.

What do people here think and how could such a change be implemented if it was wanted by the majority?

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