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BFS Publications / BFS Journal #17
« on: May 06, 2017, 12:06:00 pm »
BFS Journal #17 is listed on Goodreads if other members want to add it to their reading lists:

Abbadon Books are open to submissions of novellas and novels from May 1 to May 31. Note however that they will only publish them on a work-for-hire basis, i.e. they own the work outright, and so could produce sequels, computer games and films without your involvement and presumably without paying you anything more.

If that appeals, here are more details:

They don't want manuscripts yet. At first they are after a 50-100-word "elevator pitch", a bullet-pointed summary of the story (around 1000 words for a novella, 2000 words for a full-length novel), and the first few pages of your submission (again, 1000 words for a novella, 2000 words for a full-length novel).

Submissions have been invited for a reprint-only anthology about dragons. David Tallerman, a contributor to Dark Horizons and the BFS Journal, is involved and says:

"For me, what we haven't seen enough of yet are those other kinds of dragon: the mechanical, mystical, steam-powered, alien, aquatic, from another dimension, or from outer space ones. ... I'm itching for some really good dragon sci-fi, or dragon horror for that matter."

Payment is one cent per word, plus possible royalties, depending on sales.

More info:
Full terms and conditions:

Candy Jar Books are open to submissions for their authorised Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart range. They are asking for a one-line pitch plus any previous short story you've written as an example of what you can do. There are various restrictions, e.g. UNIT can't be involved. No mention of pay rates in the guidelines.

Full guidelines here:

We are open to submissions of fiction and reviews for Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #60 from April 1 until May 31, although we may close early if the issue fills up.

No payment offered, I'm afraid; it's an amateur non-profit magazine that we give away for free. It should be out in June.

Guidelines here.

Calls for Submissions / The Temporal Logbook II, deadline May 6, 2017
« on: March 28, 2017, 09:33:56 am »
An unofficial Doctor Who short story anthology, looking for stories featuring Doctors 2, 4-6, 8-9:

No payment except a contributor's copy.

Submissions only accepted on 6 May 2017 between (if I've converted correctly from the US times given) 7pm and 1am.

Short story competition. Details on the BFS website:

Open to entries from April 1 to June 30. Up to 5000 words. One free entry for BFS members, £5 otherwise. Not judged anonymously. 110 entries last year, but it's been as high as 148, so there can be quite a bit of competition!

Calls for Submissions / Fossil Lake V: WERE-WHAT?!? deadline July 31, 2017
« on: February 15, 2017, 04:27:44 pm »
This looks interesting.

Theme: Shapeshifting and transformation. Preferably but not necessarily involuntary. The weirder the better, get out there, get unusual. Doesnít have to be classic full-moon bit-by-something; super-science serums or curses or genetics or extreme makeovers or whatever; as long as something turns into something else. Doesnít even have to be human Ė> animal; if you can make a were-toaster work with story-inherent plausibility, go for it. Dark humor, graphic gore, bizarro, and body horror are all welcome. Think Black Sheep, Zombeavers, Tusk. Surprise us, shock us, gross us out, make us laugh even as we cringe, make us smack our heads and wish weíd thought of that!

General Guidelines:

Submissions Period: July 1st Ė July 31st, 2017. Please do not submit outside these dates without prior arrangement.

Word Limit: Poetry/flash fiction up to 1000 words; short stories 2000-5000 words.

Compensation: contributor copy; token payment of $5.00 for poetry/flash; $10.00 for short stories.

Rights: one-time non-exclusive anthology rights.

Reprints: sure, just let us know where and when itís appeared before.

Format: Standard manuscript; double-spaced; Times New Roman 12-point preferred. Italics for italics and whatnot.

Send: attached as a .doc or .rtf to: ďFossil Lake VĒ in the subject line, please.

We are open to submissions of fiction by women and reviews for Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #59 until February 28.

No payment offered; it's an amateur non-profit magazine that we give away for free.

Guidelines here.

We have enough stories in hand for this issue, but it's been two years since we last published a story by a female writer, so we've left the door open just in case. We plan to open to submissions for issue 60 on April 1.

British Fantasy Awards / British Fantasy Awards 2017
« on: May 20, 2016, 04:54:59 pm »
You can now start suggesting items published in 2016 that will be eligible for the British Fantasy Awards 2017.  It's an anonymous form, so don't be shy about adding your own stuff to the list, if you think it's worthy of consideration!

Submit your items here:

The list will appear here:

My proposal from last year has been postponed for discussion this year. I doubt I'll be there, so I could do with putting together some answers to the questions that were raised. I know that there were concerns expressed at the AGM, but I don't have any specific detail on what they were.

If any members who were at the AGM can help, please drop me a line on, or just post here. If you know who raised any concerns, let me know and I can go direct to the source! Thanks.

Here's the proposal that will once again be up for debate:



To replace the current jury system with a system of members voting on the shortlists, while establishing an egregious omissions committee and a statutory two-month reading period.


Changing: "The British Fantasy Society resolves that the BFS Awards shall ultimately be decided by a jury deliberating on a shortlist determined by the members of the Society. The Jury shall comprise individuals directly or indirectly related to the writing, publishing and bookselling genre fields. The Jury shall include at least one non-member of the Society. The Jury shall be appointed by the Awards Administrator, subject to approval by the BFS committee. The Jury shall deliberate on a shortlist of four nominations as determined by the membership by online or postal vote. The Jury shall also have oversight powers to add nominations where it identifies an egregious omission. In order to add such nominations the jury must make a unanimous decision. The addition of a nomination will be made in camera."

To: "The British Fantasy Awards are ultimately decided by the votes of the members of the British Fantasy Society and the attendees of the previous and upcoming FantasyCons ("the membership"). A shortlist of four nominations will be determined by the membership by online or postal vote. An egregious omissions committee shall have oversight powers to add nominations where it identifies an egregious omission. In order to add such nominations the egregious omissions committee must make a unanimous decision. The addition of a nomination will be made in camera. The egregious omissions committee shall include at least one non-member of the Society. The egregious omissions shall be appointed by the Awards Administrator, subject to approval by the BFS committee. The membership will vote on the shortlists, voting to begin no sooner than two months after the announcement of the shortlist."

And consequential changes to the voting procedure section.


(i) The current system requires an amount of work that is likely to prove unsustainable (e.g. well over 600 emails this year).

(ii) The pool of potential jurors is limited, and we are going through them quickly.

(iii) BFS and FantasyCon members would decide the awards once again.

(iv) The egregious omissions committee will continue the good work done by juries in adding to the diversity and credibility of the shortlists.

(v) The two month gap between the announcement of the shortlist and the commencement of voting will encourage members to read (and buy) the nominated works.

(vi) Attendees of the upcoming FantasyCon would have more involvement than they do at present; voting on the first round is over before many have signed up.

British Fantasy Awards / AGM 2016 and awards proposals
« on: May 08, 2016, 03:27:26 pm »
The 2016 AGM is to be held at FantasyCon-by-the-Sea, in Scarborough. Precise date and time tbc, but it'll probably be the morning of Sunday, September 25.

As indicated my report to last year's AGM, I won't be standing for the post of awards administrator again this year. To stand for election, attend the AGM, where you will need to be nominated and seconded, and a vote will be called. You must be a fully paid-up adult member of the BFS to stand. (I don't think we currently have any overseas members of the committee (max allowed is two), so if you do live overseas that doesn't rule you out.) If you wish to stand, but are unable to attend, please email indicating your interest, and feel free to email me with any questions you might have. There's a full job description in the BFS vacancies thread.

Until then, any proposals to change the awards constitution must be sent to me in writing. You have the right to put proposals to the AGM in exactly the form you prefer (time allowing). I donít get to filter your proposals. However, I will be able to advise you, for example, on any practical issues the AGM might raise. Itís very helpful if, when proposing a change, you provide the precise form of words that you would like to be added to the constitution, so that it is absolutely and utterly clear to the AGM exactly what it is they are voting on. If youíre not sure how to go about this, Iíll be happy to help with the phrasing. Even if I don't support a particular proposal, itís better for everyone if itís clearly set out.

No proposals to change the awards constitution have been received so far this year.

Danel Olson, editor of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining: Studies in the Horror Film, has been touch to say the publishers, Centipede Press, are happy to make a pdf copy of the 753pp book available to our members. And because I'm all in favour of people giving things to our members, I said I would be happy to pass on the offer.

If you would like a copy and you are a current BFS member, please email me at and I'll send it to you.

British Fantasy Awards / BFA administrator vacancy
« on: January 24, 2016, 10:15:26 pm »
One other bit of awards business: I got around to writing up a job description for any potential awards administrators for 2017 to have a look at. You can see it in the Job Vacancies thread. Don't worry, I'll be doing this year as promised in my AGM proposal, but best to start looking sooner rather than later for a replacement.

I'll be stepping down because, like I said in my AGM proposal, the awards in their current form require too much work to be sustainable in the long term, at least for me. So I would only recommend the post to someone who is very good at this kind of thing and/or has a lot of free time to throw at it - both would be best!

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