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BFS Publications / Dark Horizons 52
« on: February 14, 2008, 04:31:37 pm »
Here are the contents for Dark Horizons 52. It goes to the printers this weekend.

Cover Illustration: ?The Twa Corbies updated? by Dan Skinner
EDITORIAL by Peter Coleborn & Jan Edwards
A DINNER PARTY by Marion Pitman
STAR-CHANGER by Rebecca Lusher
ROAD TO MY SOUL by Laura Willis
WITHERED by Meaghan Hope
MORE TEA? by Chris Bell
FLIES by Jim Steel
THE BEQUEST by David A Riley
KEEP OFF THE GRASS by Sally Quilford

General Discussion / PLR petition
« on: February 12, 2008, 08:19:25 pm »

Dear All,

Following the announcement that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport plans to reduce Public Lending Right (PLR) funding, I have initiated a 10 Downing Street e-petition to protest at the cuts.

Public Lending Right is the right for authors, illustrators, photographers, translators and editors to receive payment under PLR legislation for the loans of their books by public libraries. More than 23,000 people are entitled to receive payment under this scheme, and for many the annual PLR payment is an important part of their income. PLR is particularly valuable to those people who receive little or no royalty on book sales ? their books are more often borrowed from libraries than bought in shops.

Please spare a minute to sign the petition. Click the following link (or paste it into your browser window) and add your name.

Please do not delete this email. Instead, forward it to as wide a group of people as you can. It is in everyone?s best interests to support the work of Britain?s creative talent.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,
John Malam

General Discussion / Re: Are SF books becoming too long?
« on: January 30, 2008, 03:15:18 pm »
I too have heard similar comments to those posted by Mike Chinn. If you want to give long novels a rest, read some collections and anthologies.

BFS Publications / Re: New Dark Horizons guidelines
« on: December 20, 2007, 10:33:11 pm »
A belated thanks for this info, Troo. I do know how to do this, amazingly. Even at my place of work (ex-place of work, now), I received all sorts of electronic documents, official ones at that, using US spelling -- and US paper sizes (meaning that their nicely formatted notices and letters looked stupid when printed on A4).


BFS Publications / Re: Dark Horizons 51
« on: December 20, 2007, 10:27:34 pm »
It looks as if BFS members (in the UK at least) will receive DH, Prism and the HPL chapbook before Christmas. Hooray. Once you've read DH51, if you wish to comment on it,  please post here.

Jan and I will spend some of our time over the festive season catching up on reading submissions. Apologies if we haven't got back to you before now...

BFS Publications / Re: Dark Horizons 51
« on: November 27, 2007, 07:12:42 pm »
Dark Horizons 51 is now printed and sitting in boxes awaiting the next BFS mailing -- should be early December.

BFS Publications / Dark Horizons 51
« on: November 04, 2007, 03:21:16 pm »
Hi All. I think it's about time I brought everyone up to date. DH51 is now all typeset and ready for the printers (about ruddy time, I hear you say). The next BFS mailing is scheduled for early December ... so you'll have something to read while you digest the Christmas turkey. Anyway, here are the contents:

Cover Illustration by Don Barker   
Editorial by Peter Coleborn & Jan Edwards
What The Moon Brings by H P Lovecraft
   (Introduction by Stephen Jones)   
By Right Of The Stars by Anne Gay
Roots Of An Editor: Ellen Datlow by Jan Edwards
In His Charge by Nicki Robson
Decayed Gentility by Marion Pitman
The Invisible Prince by David Sutton
The Perils Of Pentavir by Allen Ashley
The Dullitch Assassins by David Lee Stone
Father?s Day by David Turnball   
That Was My Veil by Ian Hunter
The Children Of Monte Rosa by Reggie Oliver

BFS Publications / Re: New Dark Horizons guidelines
« on: October 09, 2007, 06:05:53 pm »
Mind Your Language

I am amazed that I still receive manuscripts for DH, from British writers, that have US, and not UK, spelling turned on. Personally, I would really like to see the word colour spelt with a 'u'.


BFS Publications / Re: Dark Horizons update
« on: July 22, 2007, 01:13:53 pm »

Dark Horizons 51 is now full.

Please do not send further submissions until after Fantasycon 2007. I don't want to sit on unread manuscripts for longer than necessary. However, if you wish to contact DH with ideas and suggestions, email:

darkhorizons [at] britishfantasyscoiety [dot] org [uk]

Start the email subject line "DH query"

-- Peter

Announcements and Suggestions / Re: Prism - online? A proposal...
« on: July 04, 2007, 02:49:11 pm »
Alas, I don't have time to read these and other message boards (I visit them infrequently). And even though I am on the committee, I don't see why I should do so -- there are so many other issues in my life that I don't have the time to get involved in all sorts of online discussions. However, that means I no doubt miss some good ideas that may help make the BFS a better run organisation.

I note that several posters say they have made various suggestions before, but that they are ignored. To whom were these suggestions made? Are they just posted on the message boards? I suggest that any and all suggestions are sent to the relevant person, or persons, on the BFS committee. Heck, send them to all the committee. At least you can be sure that your views are being seen (but for my benefit, at least, please don't send emails that take an age to read).

I did notice something that seemed to suggest that committee members are not doing more than that they were elected or appointed for. Isn't that the point of having a committee that consists of people in specified posts? I was appointed as Dark Horizons editor -- nothing else. So really, I shouldn't need to do other things. But in fact I do contribute fully and frankly to committee discussions; I don't limit myself to DH-only issues. And for the record, I was appointed to publish two DHs a year. My first, DH50, was published earlier this year. I am working on DH51, which should be out soon after Fantasycon. And I have also been appointed editor of the Fantasycon Souvenir Book -- which is proving to be a lot of work.

As for Prism: yes, I believe that there should be an online version. I also think that a printed Prism should be produced, that would have similar, albeit not identical content. Making it happen is the tricky part.

Announcements and Suggestions / Re: Prism - online? A proposal...
« on: July 02, 2007, 11:41:04 pm »
We are talking about the future of Prism now. Speaking personally, I suspect the solution will lie somewhere between our current model and a wholly on line version.

Thank you Mark for your kind words on Dark Horizons. I'm currently putting issue 51 together along with editing the Fantasycon Souvenir Book. It's all go in this hosuehold.

BFS Publications / Re: DH: good, bad or indifferent
« on: April 17, 2007, 08:46:06 pm »
I'm still working my way through it, and haven't read the stories yet, but I've enjoyed all the articles, especially the Fighting Fantasy overview. It's a more substantial publication than I was expecting, this being my first issue.

The way that the fiction is in a serif font and the non-fiction is sans serif struck me as a little bit odd.

Glad you enjoyed the articles -- hope you favour the fiction, too. The change in fonts was deliberate, to distinguish fiction from nonfiction. Some publications use a variety of columns to make the comparison. Alternatively, it's just an affectation of mine. Hope it didn't distract you too much. Yours,

            --- Peter

BFS Publications / DH: good, bad or indifferent
« on: April 14, 2007, 09:46:14 am »

By now you should have received your copy of DH50 along with Prism. If you wish to comment on Dark Horizons, please feel free to do so. Just add your comments to this thread. All letters and messages of comments will be gratefully received.

Many thanks,


BFS Publications / Re: Dark Horizons update
« on: March 27, 2007, 05:14:08 pm »
Further progress report. I've emailed the PDF files to the printers, so within a couple of weeks a brand new issue of Dark Horizons should be arriving at Vicky's, ready for mailing along with Prism.

The next issue is the 50th Dark Horizons. Jan and I avoided a retrospective issue, although we do have a few comments from past editors. For DH50 we wanted to move the magazine on and broaden horizons. Thus in this issue you'll find the following:

DH is 50 ? Editorial          
When Dark Horizons Turned Magenta ? David A Sutton   
The Bookshop ? Murray Ewing         
The Roots of the Artist: Anne Sudworth ? Jan Edwards   
Death Angel?s Shadow ? Karl Edward Wagner 
In Lonely Places: The Essential Horror Fiction of Karl Edward Wagner ? John Howard      
Midnight Sun ? Karl Edward Wagner 
All Beauty Must Die ? Mike Chinn   
My Heart Laid Bare: The Work and Art of Joyce Carol Oates ? Robert Parkinson
Apoca ca lypse ? Joy ce Car ol O a te s
21st Century Horizons ? Debbie Bennett
FantasyCon GoH Speech ? Juliet E McKenna
The Ice Game ? Sue Anderson
Where the Dead Go ? Ian Hunter
Black Angel: John Connolly Interviewed ? Marie O?Regan
From Dinosaurs to Disks: Fifty Issues of DH ? Mike Chinn
The Woman with the Hair ? Ian Hunter
The Phoenix of Fantasy ? David Lee Stone
Murdoch Celeste ? Allen Ashley   

Hope you think the wait is worth it  :)

Peter and Jan, ye friendly editors

BFS Publications / Dark Horizons update
« on: March 18, 2007, 03:38:32 pm »
Hi everyone. I suspect that many of you are asking, where the heck is that damn magazine. And yes, it is a tad late -- for which apologies. There has been a succession of incidents that conspired againt Jan (co-editor) and me, including having to deal with a broken ankle (not mine, fortunately). Anyway, Dark Horizons 50 is very nearly ready to send to the printers. I need to add a few bits and pieces to the text and then produce the cover. Fingers crossed -- not too long to wait now.

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