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Introductions / Re: Good day to you all...
« Last post by Djibril on August 28, 2018, 12:31:57 pm »
Hi Grum! I also overuse parenthesis (especially in speech, strangely)—but sometimes hide the fact with commas and em-dashes. Good to know there are fellow-addicts out here.
Introductions / Re: Good day to you all...
« Last post by Cheryl on August 21, 2018, 10:12:46 pm »
Hello!  :D

Rosemary Pardoe’s “The Black Pilgrimage & Other Explorations: Essays on Supernatural Fiction”, gets ‘first billing’ in Michael Dirda’s “Washington Post” column of 15th August. In ‘This is getting weird: Critics on horror, science fiction and fantasy’, Dirda discusses the cross-fertilization of the horror, Sf and fantasy genres and John Clute’s “useful umbrella term ‘fantastika’”. He then reviews some recent books about fantastika and has some fine things to say about Rosemary Pardoe’s writing.

“No one knows more about M.R. James, author of the best ghost stories in English, than Rosemary Pardoe. In The Black Pilgrimage and Other Explorations (Shadow Publishing) she collects her “essays on supernatural fiction,” many of which reflect her careful research into the textual complexities and historical context of James’s imaginative writing. What, for instance, is “the black pilgrimage” undertaken by Count Magnus in the story of that name? Is it a journey to Chorazin, the reputed birthplace of anti-Christ? Or might it be a reference to the “black” stage in certain alchemical experiments? Pardoe also includes introductions to Arthur Gray and E.G. Swain, two masters of the antiquarian ghost story, as well as appreciations of more modern writers such as Fritz Leiber, Jack Finney and Phil Rickman”.

Copies of Rosemary’s absorbing book can be sought from your regular book supplier, or Amazon or direct from the publisher here:
Promote Your Projects / Re: TFF Reviews
« Last post by Djibril on August 18, 2018, 04:39:12 pm »
Valeria Vitale reviews William Meikle's The Ghost Club: Newly Found Tales of Victorian Terror from Crystal Lake Publishing. A fun project, combining fakery and ghosts, and although the selection of authors to pastiche and stories for them to tell leans to the clichéd and sometimes even unimaginative, the execution is exquisite, and it is an impressive achievement overall.
Promote Your Projects / Re: TFF Reviews
« Last post by Djibril on August 18, 2018, 03:13:40 pm »
Andy Sawyer reviews Tom Johnstone's How I Learned the Truth About Krampus, a chapbook from Eibonvale Press. On the surface a simple, Lovecraftian story, its undercurrents last rather longer in the memory, Andy wasn't sure if his (desperately sad) reading of the end of the story was correct, but either way this is a superior folk-horror story.
Promote Your Projects / Re: TFF Reviews
« Last post by Djibril on August 18, 2018, 02:12:57 pm »
Djibril reviews ​Scott Gable & C. Dombrowski (edd.), Ride the Star Wind: Cthulhu, Space Opera, and the Cosmic Weird, from Broken Eye Books. This anthology brings together a nice mix of stories that combine Lovecraftian Weird with far future galaxy-spanning space travel, and while neither is this a particular new concept, nor did I find many of the stories to be outstandingly excellent, the volume as a whole is worth reading and a lot of fun. The best stories manage to subvert HPL's mythology in postcolonial and multicultural flavours…
Ask the Authors and Artists! / Re: David A. Riley
« Last post by David A. Riley on August 10, 2018, 03:07:02 pm »
An update on this. Blitz have now paid me 50 euros for the two stories published in this collection and I believe the other writers too, who were not paid via Uwe Luserke when they should have been, will be reimbursed by the publisher. From what Blitz emailed me, I believe, also, I'm being sent a couple of copies of the book too.

Promote Your Projects / Re: Jim Pitts signed prints
« Last post by David A. Riley on August 06, 2018, 07:04:20 pm »
Parallel Universe Publications is making available prints of the artwork of Jim Pitts. Each print is on high quality A4 paper, signed by the artist and sealed inside a plastic envelope.

Colour prints are £7.00 each plus p&p
Black & white prints £5.00 each plus p&p

To order please email, listing which prints you would like, plus your address. You will then be emailed a Paypal invoice.

Postage and packing is the total cost whether you order 1, 2, 3 or 4 prints. However, if you order 5 prints or more postage and packing are free.

Postage and packing within the UK: £2.00
Postage and packing to Europe: £3.65
Postage and packing the rest of the world: £4.45

Jim Pitts is an award-winning artist (two-times winner of the prestigious British Fantasy Award, plus Science Fiction's Ken McIntyre Award), whose work has appeared in numerous magazines and books, both professional and small press.

For full details follow this link:

Ask the Authors and Artists! / Free read
« Last post by hapthorn on August 05, 2018, 11:34:47 pm »
For the past 18 months, I've been putting up a previously published story on my web page and giving a link to recipients of my monthly newsletter.  This month, having received an invitation from an outfit called Curious Fictions, I'm putting up the story on their site.

The story is "The Meaning of Luff," and features my corpulent master criminal of Old Earth, Luff Imbry (modeled on Sydney Greenstreet's character in The Maltese Falcon).

Here's a link:
General Discussion / Re: Freebies and bargains
« Last post by Rolnikov on July 31, 2018, 10:11:56 pm »
We Have Always Died in the Castle, a free novella by Elizabeth Bear:
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