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Announcements and Suggestions / BFS Website Events Calendar
« Last post by BFS_Events_Karen on July 10, 2017, 12:47:43 PM »

Just to let you know I have updated the events Calendar on the website with a range of events and conventions for the rest of the year, I hope you find this helpful. 

I also add events where we know BFS members are attending to the Events list in the British Fantasy Society's Facebook group.  This is not intended to duplicate or replace the official social media of those events, but instead to help members know who else from the BFS might be attending and friendly faces to look out for. 

If there are any events you would like added to the Calendar or Facebook group, do please drop me an email via

BFS Events / Re: BFS Social London
« Last post by BFS_Events_Karen on July 10, 2017, 11:57:03 AM »

IanH - apologies for not getting back to you, lovely to see you at the pub. 

I realise I had posted the Xmas Social as Friday 7th December...  it is of course the 8th!  I have amended this to save confusion. 

It was also suggested that the October Social clashed with Octocon in Dublin, but I have checked the dates and it does not! Octocon is the 6th - 8th and the BFS social is the 13th. 

Would potential attendees prefer a Guest/interview/reading or would they prefer just to meet and chat?  Let me know what you think and I will try and ensure it is arranged to suit the majority. 


Ask the Authors and Artists! / Re: Andrew Hook
« Last post by Andrew Hook on July 07, 2017, 09:29:11 AM »
I've been a bit lax in posting here, but in brief:

An audio book of my novella, "And God Created Zombies", is available from audible here:

My non-fiction book, "Bunuel's The Exterminating Angel: a personal analysis", is available through RoosterVision here:

"Elasticity: The Best of Elastic Press" which I've edited for NewCon Press is available here:

There is a launch event for "Elasticity" (and "Best British Science Fiction 2016") tomorrow - Saturday 8th July at the Star of Kings pub near Kings Cross from 1-5pm. Be there or be elsewhere :)
Calls for Submissions / Mother of Invention, deadline August 31, 2017
« Last post by Rolnikov on July 06, 2017, 10:43:07 AM »
"Mother of Invention will feature diverse, challenging stories about gender as it relates to the creation of artificial intelligence and robotics. This ambitious anthology from award-winning Australian publishing house Twelfth Planet Press will be edited by Tansy Rayner Roberts and Rivqa Rafael. Ö The only hard-and-fast rule is that the creator of the AI or robot must not be a cis man."

500-5000 words, no reprints, simultaneous submissions or multiple submissions. Payment is US$0.06 per word. More info:
Ask the Authors and Artists! / ( Tales of Raffalon on Amazon and Kobo
« Last post by hapthorn on July 05, 2017, 05:36:22 PM »
Iíve put the Raffalon collection up on Amazon as a $3.99 ebook

and a $12.99 paperback.

Itís also available as a Kobo ebook.

And, of course, you can still get ebook versions through the Archonate Bookstore, where I donít have to share the proceeds with a corporate giant.
We are open to submissions of fiction and reviews for Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #61 from now until 31 August 2017, although we may close early if the issue fills up.

No payment offered, I'm afraid; it's an amateur non-profit magazine that we give away for free. It should be out in September.

Guidelines here.

TQF62 (December) will be an all-Theaker issue (more or less), and TQF63 (March 2018) will be a second unsplatterpunk special, so this is the last issue till next June that is open to general fiction subs.
Ask the Authors and Artists! / Last call for 9 Tales of Raffalon
« Last post by hapthorn on July 04, 2017, 12:05:09 AM »
My 99-cent offer of 9 Tales of Raffalon will soon come to an end. I'll put the ebook up on Amazon at the regular (but still cheap) price of $3.99 and do a CreateSpace POD paperback at $12.99 sometime this week.

And today the erudite Dr. Robert Runte, one of Canada's foremost sf editors and critics, gave the book a very warm review. But, to be fair, he has previously referred to me as a "national treasure."

Promote Your Projects / Re: Parallel Universe Publications
« Last post by David A. Riley on June 29, 2017, 12:43:15 PM »
Our biggest project so far - and the reason why no other new titles have been published in the last few months by us, The Fantastical Art of Jim Pitts: Rolling back the years... is now nearing completion. It's a large book - 8.5 x 11 inches, 212 pages, with a laminated hardcover - jam-packed with black and white and full colour illustrations. It will be launchedat Fantasycon at the end of September, when many of the contributors will be on hand to sign copies. Amongst the contributors, with articles about their involvement with Jim over the yhears, are Brian Lumley, Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Jones, David A. Sutton, Nick Caffrey, Peter Coleborn, and Jon Harvey.

This is a copy of the front, back cover and spine:
BFS Events / Re: BFS Social London
« Last post by IanH on June 27, 2017, 08:37:43 PM »
Any guests coming along on the 7th of July? Or is it drinks only?
FantasyCon / Re: Memberships and Hotel bookings for Fcon 2017 are now live!
« Last post by DarkFlights on June 19, 2017, 11:29:42 AM »
So for those of us not needing a hotel room (I live close enough to drive there and back each day), what options would we need please? Just BFS membership and tickets for the entire event?
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