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UK Film Finance Summit
« on: August 23, 2003, 01:03:33 am »
I know there are many budding film people out there I hope this helps. Good luck.

Screen International is proud to announce the UK Film Finance Summit

At a time when the British industry is regarded by many to be in a state of uncertainty and flux, Screen International will gather the UK's most prominent and seasoned practitioners to take stock of the changing reality - providing insight into their own successes and airing their hopes for a sustainable UK film future. And if you book before 5 September you will save ?50 off the full booking rate - click here for full details.

For the first time on the same platform, some of the most experienced and influential talent in British film production will show us the way forward. Speakers include:

Chris Auty, Civilian Content
Andrew Eaton, Revolution Films
Richard Holmes, Gruber Films
Cameron McCracken, Path? UK
Rebecca O'Brien, Sixteen Films
Colin Vaines, Miramax Films
Barnaby Thompson, Fragile Films
David Thompson, BBC Films
Peter Watson, Recorded Picture Company
John Woodward, UK Film Council
..and many more

A master class in independent film production with Jeremy Thomas
Screen International will also give you the opportunity to attend a master class in independent production with one of the most prolific and internationally successful British producers. Jeremy Thomas has agreed to share some of his unique experiences of making independent cinema with worldwide box-office appeal

Visit for full programme information and to book your place. We hope to see you at the Summit.