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My mate Mark is visiting me and he's posed me a problem. Can anyone help. Is this the right form for it?

A RPG book from the mid-eighties and you use the dice to fight the monsters. It was a series of three books (maybe more, he's not quite sure) - the front cover of the first book is a lions body with a scorpions tail and the face of an old man.

At the end of the second book you end up at the Badlands(?)  -

First or second book there was a man staked to the ground - and it gave you the choice of whether you wanted to help him or not. If you choose yes - he gets up and attacks you.

You come across a guy who wears all black - he's a good guy you meet him in a tavern. He gives you helpful adivce.

Does anyone know what this book (s) might be? More importanlty - does anyone know of the third book?



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Hallo Johnny,

Sounds like these:!


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Hi Johnny,

Definately sounds like the Sorcery series. I had all four, back in the day, and they were my spring board into proper rpgs. The Lion, is of course, the Manticore, the Big Bad of the first book, The Shamutanti Hills.

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Thank you very, very much! Those are the books and he is thrilled that there are four of them!! He was always stuck staring at the Badlands for 20 years. He can move on in life now!!!!!