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Forbidden Whispers Magazine - Digital Art Magazine
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Forbidden Whispers Magazine

Launched in October of 2006, The Forbidden Whispers Magazine was FW Publishing's debut magazine publication. What started out as an idea, was put into reality and so began the production of the magazine. Initially the magazine was focused on the specific genres of Dark Arts, Fetish and Science Fiction, but after some thinking the Editors decided to include all formats of work so that they can feature work from all genres and from all talents.

The Magazine, is something the publishers want people to look upon all the time, and be a constant resource of inspiration and learning for all their readers. The content of the magazine is made up of portfolio showcases from artists around the world, as well as some fascinating interviews. Tutorials also play a part in the magazine, covering digital painting to modeling. Articles also included which deal with subject matters for all artists.

Here is the latest issue: FW Magazine Issue 5

You can see more details here: