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SNAP Magazine - Photography/Photomanip Magazine
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Snap Photography Magazine

SNAP magazine, is FW Publishing's new publication. It was launched in January 2007. The magazine showcases a wealth of photography and photo manipulation artworks. Photography is an art form in its own right and are often an immense source of inspiration to people the world over. Those brief moments in time captured by the lens of a camera can often leave you with a very moving experience, whether it captures that special Birthday moment, or a beautiful sunset. You can always take away something positive within a photograph.

we also showcase a large variety of photo manipulation art. We select some of the best photo manipulation artists out there and show you how they can take their own photographs and create something beautiful and unique. You can learn all about photography, photo manipulation and the software used in our in depth tutorials and articles.

Here is the most recent Issue: SNAP Issue 008

See more info here: