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Website overhaul.....
« on: April 20, 2008, 07:28:28 pm »
 I've recently given my website a bit of a facelift and I've added new fiction including a new series starting called "The HMS Swift Adventures". Here's a little taster -

The year is 1791 and Captain Thomas Butler and his loyal crew of The HMS Swift, a class five frigate in the service of King George III Of England, are sent on a series of missions where nothing is what it seems and forces far darker than any of them have experienced before, reign supreme.

Set against the historical backdrop of the fragile peace that existed between the American Revolution, the looming French Revolution and the threat of Napoleon's growing empire, join the crew of the HMS Swift as they face the walking dead in "The Diabolical Plan", vampires in "The Island" and an evil that has laid dormant for years that now threatens to engulf the whole world in the full length novel, "Pirates".

If you have the time (and/or the interest!), drop by the website
Also, the Vampire Apocalypse fiction series now has it's own website: for all the latest news and updates about current and forthcoming books in the series.