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Darkness Over Britain.
« on: November 07, 2003, 07:40:36 pm »
At last the truth can be told.

At the Cornerhouse in Manchester, from the 31st of October to the 2nd on November, was the 4th annual Darkness Over Britain event.

On Friday (31st it was some festival or other) was a showing of The Innocents (Rated 18 for some reason) Jack Clayton's wonderful tale of madness or ghostly possession starring Deborah Kerr. Based on henry James' Turn of the Screw. It was lovely to see this on the big screen. At last I could see the full beauty of the shots, it was filmed in cinemascope. The unmoving ghosts were truly unnerving as were the vision on/in glass. Andy Willis gave an illuminating talk, thanks for pointing out the bright fade outs. The ghostly effect they left were spot on.

On Saturday was The Nightmare Man, from the tv, BBC in fact. I missed this.  :( It did get an 18.

On Sunday we had 2 of BBC's Ghost Stories for Christmas. The Stalls of Barchester and Lost Hearts were the featured tales. Both by MR James. It was a joy to watch them, in good company. 15 cert. but then Lost Hearts is quite a nasty tale. It really does belie the theory that MR James's tales are all suggestion. I really did enjoy Robert Hardy in The Stalls of Barchester. There was a talk after with director and producer Lawrence Gordon Clarke with Stephen Gallagher. It was a most entertaining and educational talk. I now know how to direct Robert Hardy. Both gentlemen were wonderfully warm and friendly. Anyone who missed it, missed a real treat.