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Submission Guidelines - The Elastic Book of Numbers
« on: February 01, 2004, 10:53:07 pm »

Elastic Press are pleased to announce that we are now open for submissions to a themed anthology scheduled for publication late 2004/early 2005.

In the broad field of science fiction / fantasy / horror / slipstream, significant numbers have a long and distinguished history; for example, ?Fahrenheit 451? (Bradbury), ?2001 A Space Odyssey? (Clarke), ?1984? (Orwell), ?Catch 22? (Heller), and Andy Cox?s magazine ?The Third Alternative?. In the here and now we find that numbers increasingly rule our lives. The placement of ten digits and a handful of operational symbols has both liberated and enchained our thoughts, actions and very existence. Pin numbers, tax codes, National Insurance numbers, bar codes, computer programs, mobile phones, significant dates and anniversaries, ageism?.

With ?The Elastic Book Of Numbers? Elastic Press intends to add to our numerical and literary heritage, publishing an anthology similar to ?The Alsiso Project? where individuality and inventiveness infuse the subject matter, rise above the capricious theme, and tell cracking stories in the process.

Please note that ?The Elastic Book Of Numbers? will be edited by Allen Ashley. Allen is the author of one novel, ?The Planet Suite? (TTA Press, 1997), and over 100 published stories and articles.

Potential authors should read and comply with the following guidelines:

For ?The Elastic Book Of Numbers? we are seeking stories up to 5000 words in length, written in English, which not only have a number in the title but in which numbers are crucial to the theme, character interactions, plot development and denouement. Stories must be original, previously unpublished and not on offer anywhere else. We want you to be creative and intrigue, amuse, educate and inform us. Use your imagination and ingenuity. We believe ?The Elastic Book Of Numbers? will be a ground-breaking, innovative publishing venture; therefore, any stories which are just bog standard gore and slash horror / talking cats / cyber gobbledegook / Hugh Grant comedies / and so forth will be summarily rejected. In addition: any stories using the numbers 666, 999, 911 or any other obvious and uninventive variations are highly unlikely to be accepted. To pinpoint exactly what we expect from this collection it is strongly recommended that writers familiarise themselves with our previous multi-author anthology, ?The Alsiso Project?. The editor and publisher?s decision is final in all circumstances.

Presentation guidelines:

All stories should be should be submitted in paper hard copy, conforming to usual manuscript presentation rules. These are: typed on one side of page only; double spaced; Times New Roman, Arial or Courier New font; title and author on each numbered page. Authors may include address and realistic word count at top of each page or on a separate title page. All submissions must be accompanied by a stamped, addressed envelope with sufficient postage or 2 International Reply coupons. Disposable copy should be labelled as such. Allen will endeavour to respond within two to four weeks. Please do not make enquiries by phone or e-mail ? these will be ignored. Successful authors will be asked to provide their stories on Microsoft compatible disk at a future date. Payment will be one contributors copy of the anthology, but we believe that this showcase of original writing will create benefits greater than a nominal payment fee would provide.

Send your submissions to:
Allen Ashley, 110 Marlborough Road, London N22 8NN, United Kingdom.

A copy of these guidelines and updated information regarding ?The Elastic Book Of Numbers? can be found at our website:

Get writing and good luck!


In order to create some space at Elastic House we are offering the first three Elastic Press titles at a discounted price. If you wish to take up this offer please place your order when submitting your ?Elastic Book of Numbers? story. All cheques to be payable to ?Elastic Press?.  The discounted price is ?3 each for ?The Virtual Menagerie? and ?Open The Box?, and ?5 for ?Second Contact?. Alternatively, all three titles are on offer at ?10. (email for overseas orders). This offer may be subject to availability, and any orders will have no bearing on how favourably we consider your ?Elastic Book of Numbers? submission!