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RPG Angel Prize.
« on: February 06, 2004, 06:47:27 pm »
Here’s something I stumbled over, let us know if you win. Here’s a clue to the answer, highlight to see it.

….to bind them all.

Win the Angel roleplaying game Corebook At the BBCi Cult TV site.

Role play fans will be thrilled by this week's prize - because we're giving you the chance to play the vampire with a soul.
We've got two copies of the Angel roleplaying game Corebook by C J Carella to give away, containing everything you need to start gaming away as the Angel Investigations crew.
It's made by Eden Studios, the chaps behind the Buffy roleplaying game, so you can be sure they've done their homework. For a chance to win, just answer one easy question.
Here’s the link to quiz.

Good Luck.