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Bumper book of Paul Finch
« on: July 01, 2009, 02:33:50 pm »
Just to announce that number 4 in our Gray Matter series of novellas will contain not one novella, nor two, and not even three . . . but FOUR novellas. The wonderful, all-original GROANING SHADOWS by Paul Finch contains 100,000 words of Paul's brand new fiction:

The Sundered Flesh (20,000 words)
We Are The Shadows (30,000 words)
Their Bones Picked Clean (20,000 words)
The Baleful Dead (30,000 words)

The book will be available in two editions in just a few weeks:

Jacketed hardcover flat-signed by Paul Finch - 18 / $32 plus P&P
Trade paperback - 8 / $14 plus P&P

The hardcover will include an ultra-rare short story from Paul not available in the paperback. The hardcover will be printed by Biddles.