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Re: World Horror Convention 2010, Brighton
« Reply #105 on: April 14, 2010, 04:00:23 pm »
I agree with you David, the 'Banquet' was a tremendous disappointment.  My fish was full of bones and I couldn't eat it, and the chips were of a very low standard stodgy chipshop kind, rather than something which a proper kitchen produced.  Given that the HWA paid for the wine ... I really can't see how the restaurant could justify the price for the meal alone.  I'm not blaming the committee for this as I know that they will have done their best, but I think the restaurant perhaps saw them coming ... it was also way too hot in there on the side I was sitting, and apparently too cold on the other side of the room ... very uncomfortable for the duration.

Our room (on the 5th floor) was also very grubby, dirty and torn carpet, bathroom was dirty - bizaarely we had a jacuzzi bath which was rather nice - and no heating in the room other than a portable radiator - not really a problem as it wasn't that cold but still. The bed was dreadful and after three complaints to reception they managed to put another cover on it to try and reduce the impact. We wanted another mattress but apparently they didn't have any.

The Dealer room was too small and hot and airless - we were all crammed in there and the people behind the tables had little room to move. Not very pleasant really - and very few attendees seemed to get to the Dealer room anyway - I guess the programme of events was too good (and it was) to afford the time for people to come and browse. I know a few dealers were commenting that sales were disappointing.

But overall it was fun, and certainly a credit to the organisers who did a sterling job.  It was great to see so many new faces from the USA and Canada and everywhere else, as well as fellow writers and editors who don't come to the usual FantasyCon in the UK.

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