Author Topic: “Twisthorn Bellow” Delay Means Lower Price  (Read 3158 times)

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“Twisthorn Bellow” Delay Means Lower Price
« on: August 31, 2009, 11:42:13 pm »

Golly and jeepers, there’s a heap of great stuff a-happening in the world of Atomic Fez!

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen productions delays with Twisthorn Bellow, the latest novel from the insane mind of Rhys Hughes, the publishing date for the title has been changed to March 25th, 2010 to coincide with World HorrorCon 2010, plus an official launch at Odyssey 2010 in Heathrow, England the following week-end.

Sad? Well, forget that! The book will be less expensive! As a way of making it up to his loyal readers, Atomic Fez and Mr. Hughes have decided to make the price of this Handy-Sized Paperback only $19.99 or £11.99 [plus shipping and handling]! ORDER YOUR COPY VIA THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE!!

This newly reduced price is also applied to any order already placed. Yowza!

Plus, soon you’ll be able to buy it as an e‑book! Before the end of the year, you’ll be able to get Twisthorn Bellow in a wide selection of e-book file formats, including via the ‘ShortCovers’ software platform! Then, in March of 2010, you’ll also be able to buy it in paper-form! Zowie!

Plus, watch this space for announcements concerning three brand-new titles which have yet to be heard of anywhere in the known world:

  • a collection of terror-filled tales!
  • a début novel of crime and mystery!
  • a collection of smut-filled horror!

All three are timed to lovingly part you and your money at World HorrorCon 2010, or at Odyssey 2010, right along with Rhy Hughes’s novel!

All this and a nuclear-powered hat! Huzzah!

Ian Alexander Martin; Proprietor, Atomic Fez Publishing