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Fantasy Enactment Event for 2011
« on: October 04, 2010, 10:16:30 am »
Candlestone 19/05/2011 - 22/05/2011
"Sometimes if you go out of the village and turn left at the oak as the sun is shinning through it, you can find the fey that live there, and if you are brave, or desperate, and have forsaken God you can ask them to help you and accept the price for such help..."
What is it?
This is going to be a festival event, based around a number of factions, each with there own background and skills etc. Factions that you can get involved in, run around and make your own stories.
The factions range from Historical Crusaders, Steampunk inventors, Victorian Fay, High Fantasy in the style of the Melnibonean. 
A fantastic tavern the Trolls Bottom Tavern:
Fully catered.
We have some wonderful plot lined up, a few great traders and some amazing overarching plot. 
This is not your average event, as well as the event itself we are in talks with the History Boot Camp to provide workshops, Folk Dancing Workshops and at least one live band. 
Come and have a look and if you want, order a taster and we will be happy to put it together for you.

First off, we have a really good response for the first event so far and it has prompted me to make the following offer:
There are five Factions; we would like five photographs to give a real feel for the event.
We will be offering a free ticket basic for the best faction photographs (so five, one for each faction).
Send your entries to
Also, to get people moving nicely in advance: Until the 1/01/2011 the ticket prices will be half price!
Get them while there hot!


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Re: Fantasy Enactment Event for 2011
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2010, 03:16:32 pm »
In The Wylde Woods with the wonderful Trolls Bottom Tavern ( and the HungryHedgehog for food!

This May, on the South coast of wale’s there is a fantasy fancy dress festival of unprecedented proportions.

Living theatre stories to be swept up in, with a selection of worlds to come from, historical, fantasy, steampunk, all swept together in the woods that where made famous by King Arthurs adventures: the Forest Argent

Bands, workshops, traders, storytelling all come together to swept up in a world of fantasy and suspense against the backdrop of castles and rolling beaches. 

Come join us, with hundreds of other people, to take your place from a world apart:

“The Crusaders”
Histories heroes and villains, cast in mould of medieval England, and drawing inspiration from history, Hollywood, and legends such as King Arthur.

(Includes William of Antioch’s mercenary school, learn the uses of medieval combat and its application in personal or group situations and Brother Leon’s botanical and bestiary, constantly on the lookout for samples, pictures and written accounts)

“The Melnisians”
Immortality breeds immorality. A high fantasy world of slavery and conquest. Where an almost elven people wallow in there despotic crumbling empire.

(Visit Livans Slave market, sell slaves, buy slaves (secretly free slaves?))

Frock coats and flintlocks. A the 1800’s that touches on the Fey, leading to adventure, heroics, magic and villainy.

(Take a seat with Anton De’vere’s gentleman’s club and duelling school, indulge in a little tea, and learn the fine arts of duelling, both with pistol and sword.)

“The Lorians”
Steam is power! The church thunders over all, and Kings and Queens grasp desperately to there power as the Artisan marches to the rhythm of there pistons.

(Explore the world with The Mapmakers, constantly seeking to enlarge the foundation of there knowledge, you can join the explorers and scholars in there never ending quest to define the world.)

A mad Gods fantasy, creatures made animate to serve the purpose of Powers that no longer care. Exotic creatures and explorers devoid of human experience.

(Collect information for the Great Library, a group that collects all forms of knowledge, but particularly stories music and culture)

With, food, bands, and the freedom to immerse yourself in the world or sit on the peripheries in the wonderful Trolls Bottom tavern, this is an event that can be enjoyed by all the family.


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Re: Fantasy Enactment Event for 2011
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2010, 09:11:40 pm »
Just a quick reminder, there is two months left, during which time this event is half priced, (so between £20 and £50 depending on discounts.)

Tavern, plot, dancing, daring do, dueling, story, villany, its all here.

If you are interested, get in touch asap.