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Win a Wickedly Delightful Champagne Breakfast!
« on: March 08, 2010, 06:45:02 pm »
METRO VANCOUVER, BC: Atomic Fez Publishing today announced their scheme to ‘bring a little joy to the morning’ of their loyal customers at the upcoming World Horror Convention 2010 by way of a Champagne Breakfast with the author of Wicked Delights: John Llewellyn Probert.

Attending any World Horror Convention is something special, but this year is the first time that the event will have been held off the North American continent. Additionally, World HorrorCon – held March 25th–28th in Brighton, England – is the event at which Atomic Fez will be making their maiden publications available to the buying public for the first time.

Wicked Delights is Mr. Probert’s fifth collection of short stories, and during WHC will be specially priced to make the volume of 18 delectable tales particularly desirable to the horror connoisseur.

One lucky purchaser of the collection will discover something extra amongst the book’s 352 pages of highly-talented writing: a “Golden Ticket” that will enable them to have the experience of a lifetime and something to make their trip to WHC fit for the history books: a Champagne Breakfast with the author!

This “Golden Ticket” will allow the bearer to enjoy the delights of a thoroughly wicked Champagne Breakfast in the company of both Mr. Probert, his publisher (Ian Alexander Martin), along with their retinue on the Sunday morning of WHC. All the bearer need bring with them is the ticket, a sense of humour, and a healthy appetite… and probably some clothes.

While only copies of Wicked Delights purchased at WHC are valid for this contest, the hardback collection may be obtained from either or better book dealers.

Advance Praise for Wicked Delights:
[STARRED REVIEW] 18 gruesome, unsettling, and often unnervingly funny tales in his wide-ranging fifth short story collection. … Vividly creepy images… are all the more compelling when rendered in Probert’s breezy style. An illuminating and frequently hilarious afterword ends the collection on a gentle note.
Publishers Weekly, February 8th, 2010, ‘Fiction Book Reviews (SF/Fantasy/Horror)’
The delightfully wicked Mr. Probert wields his prose like a scalpel. His imagination is impressively warped and gruesome, and yet his tales have an unrepentantly English reticence. There’s dark humour here, and unexpected poignancy — indeed, the book is as full of surprises as the man himself. Horror is lucky to have him.
Ramsey Campbell (author of Just Behind You and Creatures of the Pool)
Ian Alexander Martin; Proprietor, Atomic Fez Publishing