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Steve Dean
« on: March 11, 2010, 11:23:17 am »

I've just turned freelance, so this is good opportunity to let people know who I am and what I do.

I write SF and Fantasy novels and short stories, as well as rules, scenarios etc for roleplaying games. I've also dabbled in scriptwriting. I also write book reviews for our very own BFS.

I have 3 novels out at the moment,  available from Hadesgate Publications or all good online bookstalls.

I also have several RPG products available for you to download on DriveThruRPG, should you be inclined.

Feel free to ask me any questions, but as the man says I might take a day or two to answer due to being busy*.

*For a description of a given meaning of the word 'busy', see Facebook.

I have a website; steve-dean dot com, and a Facebook and a Myspace.

See you later and thanks for listening.

Good luck everyone!


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Re: Steve Dean
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2010, 12:33:45 pm »
Welcome Steve  :)  Nice website - too.