Author Topic: WICKED DELIGHTS Reviewed in Black Static #17  (Read 2514 times)

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WICKED DELIGHTS Reviewed in Black Static #17
« on: June 08, 2010, 06:41:03 am »
Here's some of the more blatantly book-whoring bits.

It’s an immensely entertaining read…

[“Two for Dinner”] is so deliriously tongue in cheek and full of witty invention, written with such panache and obvious delight that I found it impossible to read without a smirk of satisfaction taking up residence on my chops. This is the story that best represents the promised Wicked Delights.

Probert gives the readers [in “Mirror of Tears”] some genuinely unsettling moments on the way to a surprise ending…

Probert’s twisted logic [in “Your Help Needed Urgently!”] turns things on their head and provides a gonzo explanation for why this is taking place. Did I like this story? Agree strongly.

His comments [in the “Afterword”] and the insights they provide into his creative process are almost as engaging as the fiction.

A fine collection from a writer who… is a skilled storyteller, one who works at his craft, and is always going to provide fair measure of thrills and chills in a horror mode for the discerning reader.

Peter Tennant; Black Static, Issue #17 (June/July 2010)

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