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FantasyCon 2010 Report
« on: September 20, 2010, 10:37:35 am »
While we recover here at Probert Towers here are a few thoughts on the weekend just past:

Kate and I had the usual wonderful, heady, exhausting time. Massive thanks to everyone who came to my reading, and to the Pan Horror launch, which was terrific fun (they sold every copy - hurrah! And bloody well done Johnny). Somehow it was appropriate that we didn't get going till midnight and then had the lighting set to 'Argento Inferno Blue'. We made some great new weird acquaintances and it was a delight to yet again meet up with my very dear writing comrades (we all attended our first FCon together back in 2005 - awww) Gary Fry and Gary McMahon, the latter looking a little smarter but no less red-lipped for the cheap red wine he was knocking back. Hopefully there are still very few who suspect our covert bromance...

Otherwise there just wasn't enough time for everything - I didn't have a real chance to talk to Mick & Debs, or GCW. Soozy needed at least one more cuddle. Caroline was a really really lovely lady and I hope we get to bump into each other again soon, and John Forth and Esther were loads of fun to discuss trashy films (and trash in general with).

Joel Lane was as lovely as ever (and the Robert E Howard panel was splendid), Simon Kurt Unsworth did a great reading but by the time we said goodbye to him in the bar he was frankly unintelligible. Simon Bestwick has acquired a decent haircut and got rid of that beard and he's looking seriously smoooth. Reggie Oliver still has the beard (not Simon's) and Steve Volk, Mark Morris, David Riley and Johnny ("I'm not paying for THAT") Mains were great dining companions. Yet again Ramsey & Jenny Campbell were wonderful company.

Pete Crowther managed to spell the Probert name wrong (and thanks to Ramsey for pointing it out to everyone who came near a copy of The Seven Days of Cain) and then further compounded his crime by eating crisps loudly while I was reading 'His Beautiful Hands', but apart from that faults at FCon were few and far between. In fact we had such a good time that even Guy Adams' plentiful allusions to our private life during the raffle were laughed off for the charming boisterousness that they were.

God we had a great time. Thank you everyone.