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Win a copy of John Travis's Novel! (North America)
« on: January 10, 2011, 09:33:37 pm »
Atomic Fez is pleased to announce its latest give-away: five (5) copies of of The Terror and the Tortoiseshell for people in the North American postage delivery area (you know: Canada, plus the USA and their Armed Services locations)! Head to your Goodreads account, or register for your new one, and then enter the contest today!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Terror and the Tortoiseshell
by John Travis

Giveaway ends January 21, 2011.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

John Travis's first novel, The Terror and the Tortoiseshell,  is a noir-styled murder mystery with deft comedy and Science Fiction  touches. It honours of the classic hard-​​boiled detective novels of the  1940s.

Benji Spriteman takes over the “Spriteman Detective  Agency” after the world is changed overnight by 'The Terror', resulting  in the animal kingdom moving from four legs to two and banishing the now  crazy human population from existence, and becoming the dominant  species. Oh, and Benji Spriteman is a sentient, six-​​foot tall,  suit-​​wearing, tortoiseshell cat.

In this strange environment,  which sees animals taking on some of the characteristics of the humans  they were closest to, human beings have become a bit like flying  saucers. Despite occasional sightings, there is never any definite proof  human existed. When humans start to re-appear, it’s in bizarre  situations. They're always dead and ‘displayed’ as if they were animals.  It’s just as Benji’s life is starting to become a bit more ‘normal’  that he gets drawn into the investigation into these murders, and soon  finds himself involved in ways he could never have imagined.

Praise for The Terror and the Tortoiseshell:

"Animal Farm" meets "The Big Sleep" in this quirky but compelling hard-boiled mystery, the first in a new series, from British author Travis ("Mostly Monochrome Stories").... Travis packs a lot in, including a twisty whodunit plot, humorous sequences to leaven the grimness, and a cult persuaded that Arthur Machen's 1917 novella, "The Terror", is a true account of an animal revolt in Britain. Despite superficial resemblances to Tim Davys's "Amberville" (2009), a crime novel featuring walking and talking stuffed animals, this is a far superior work with a more fully realized imaginary world. (Mar.)

--Publishers Weekly (January 11th 2010)

John Travis has penned a novel that’s sort of "Animal Farm", partly classic noir, and definitely acid trippy weird--but all in a good, fun, highly readable and entertaining way.

... The animals take on the jobs their people had so Benji becomes a private eye and begins his own journey.  Hopefully, it’s one that continues for a long time..

Very dark, but also funny in the sickest of ways. Here’s to hoping the world gets to enjoy much more of Benji--maybe if Atomic Fez offers a dimebag of catnip?

--Dave Simms; Horror World Book Reviews (June 2010)
Ian Alexander Martin; Proprietor, Atomic Fez Publishing