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« on: June 05, 2012, 04:57:50 pm »
THE NASTY SNIPS PROJECT – or NASTY SNIPS 2 – has it was known is a wholly electronic publication or, rather, multiple publications; bite-sized slices of four horror stories for a nibble-like price automatically downloaded to your PC for reading.
I, the Managing Editor and Publisher, was faced with a dilemma – for the list of accepted stories grew, the selling price of this anthology was inching closer to that of a paper-based anthology which, in all honesty, was something which I did not want. I firmly believe that ebooks should be at least half the price of their paper-counterpart: after all, from the point of view of Pendragon Press, the biggest expense is that of the physical production.

So, what to do? Mini-anthologies was the obvious answer but how to make it manageable? E-mail the reader individually their books – not exactly ideal. Then, I discovered a brand new website service which worked when beta-tested with my fellow editors and worked like a dream.

And so, the dream became a reality: each mini-anthology chunk of the NASTY SNIPS PROJECT will be made of four stories and all for a nibble-like price.

Due to this new means of distribution it is hoped that the NSP will grow forever onwards; a new chunk of fantastic fiction uploaded once the authors have been paid.

In the next couple of days, check the NSP page on this site for the full Table of Contents with the first four Project titles available for purchase and download.

Here's to the bloody future…

Christopher C Teague
Managing Editor
The Nasty Snips Project