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Joseph Botting
« on: December 22, 2011, 10:13:20 am »
Go on, then - I'll take the plunge. I've finally bitten the bullet and published via Kindle. It's a short (75,000 words) opening novel to a trilogy called 'The Whispering Rooms' that is yet to be completed, although I've also done the slightly longer second book. It's in some ways a traditional pseudo-medieval fantasy, but in other ways (particularly structure and plot development) it really isn't. One comment from a reader was that he could see it actually being a disguised science fiction novel, but I'm saying nothing on that as yet.

Here's the blurb:
Something has changed in this world; a dire storm is coming. Every day, I listen to thoughts from half a world away, and everywhere I sense the unease, a feeling that events seem to be drifting just a little out of their control. Little things, it seems, not enough to worry about. But I see the whole; I watch the patterns of small changes flow into each other, converging ever faster towards ends we can only guess at. Forces stir, and subtle, unseen hands direct the movement. There are rumours of a new Shaper, the first on this world, powers still undeveloped and as yet with no caution. There are eyes in the deep forests, watching and smiling silently. There are prophecies being spoken, their words flying in breathless gossip beneath the walls of the churches and the ancient monasteries; they twist as they go, throwing sparks to the dry leaves of normality. And there are whispers – secret as yet, but still I have heard them, and spoken them – that an ancient race is about to open its eyes for the first time. This world is haunted by its past, and its past has been lost… but perhaps not forever. I have seen a ghost, out on the ocean.

How do I know all this? Because it is all I am. I am no-one but the one who sees, who whispers into the ears that can listen. I do not know whether I am the one who will break the coming storm, or whether I am causing it. But I cannot stop; I will not. One day, I hope, I will see echoes or memories of who I once was, and learn how I came to be what I am: a harbinger of fate; a witness; a messenger. And perhaps the doom of the world.

Comments, questions and otherwise all welcomed. I really hope someone gets some pleasure out of reading it, and and a very jolly Christmas to one and all.  ;D
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