Author Topic: 13: Tales of Dark Fiction - Reviewed and Now On Kindle!  (Read 732 times)

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13: Tales of Dark Fiction - Reviewed and Now On Kindle!
« on: January 04, 2012, 03:48:24 pm »
13: Tales of Dark Fiction is now available on Kindle!

Featuring horror, dark sf, and dark fantasy by Eric S Brown, Joseph D'Lacey, Gary Fry, Andrew Hook, Shaun Jeffrey, Matt Leyshon, Gary McMahon, Andy Remic, Stanley Riiks, Tommy B. Smith, Alan Spencer, Fred Venturini, and William R.D. Wood.

Highlights from another review of 13: Tales of Dark Fiction

"13: Tales of Dark Fiction (2011), reveals gratuitous mayhem, many varieties of unpleasantness and quite a lot of black humor." "The collection brings together some of the darkest minds in horror", and has "some definite gems".

About Andy Remic's "Mongrel Days" the reviewer says "the story is an excellent standalone shoot 'em up", "Mr. Remic excels at MegaViolentTM action and cliff-hangers and both these specialities are on full display in this dystopian gun-brawl."

About Fred Venturini's "The Machine", the review states "the story is strewn with both disconcerting body horror while still serving as  a tongue in cheek look at our societal fetish with pseudo-scientific cure alls".

"The absolute star of the collection is Gary McMahon's "Dirty Story"."

"Like the rest of the volume, "Dirty Story" is a deliberately nasty little tale"
"Tommy B. Smith's "The Tax Collector" is set in an evocative fantasy/Western world".

"Joseph D'Lacey ventures into Stephen King's territory with "Whatever It Takes"."

"Mr. D'Lacey has an excellent turn of phrase".

"13 is... an excellent showcase of genre fiction's ability to imagine and present humanity's oldest and strongest emotion, fear."

"13 is reasonably priced and the highlights are very high indeed. If dark fiction is your thing, 13 contains a baker's dozen examples of how very varied the shades of darkness can be."

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