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Thana introduced by Ramsey
« on: September 26, 2012, 10:14:27 am »
RCMB members might like to know that Gray Friar Press has just published Number 2 in its NEW BLOOD series, the wonderful first collection by Thana Niveau, From Hell to Eternity. The book has an introduction by Ramsey Campbell.


Where shadows speak from the depths of a haunted sea.
Where a little girl’s obsession conjures a terrible bogeyman.
Where a woman’s body becomes her own worst enemy.


Where familiar places harbour ancient evil.
Where a dinner party descends into blood, sex, madness and death.
Where a camera can steal more than your very soul.

Enter the strange and disturbing world of Thana Niveau, where fear reigns eternal, and nightmares last forever; where your only refuge is madness and there is always something waiting in the dark.

Won't you join her?

Gray Friar Press is proud to present sixteen tales of supernatural horror from a new Mistress of the Macabre.

The book is available as a trade paperback at £8.99 / $16 + P&P.