Author Topic: Stories for the BFS Journal Autumn 2013 Issue  (Read 2002 times)

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Stories for the BFS Journal Autumn 2013 Issue
« on: August 03, 2013, 02:43:48 pm »
Hi folks,

As the BFS Journals are making their way through the production mill and the Spring 2013 issue should hopefully soon be reaching members, I thought I'd post and say "hi". Some of you know me already - I was fortunate enough to step into the awe-inspiring shoes of Guy Adams earlier this year as fiction editor of the BFS Journal. (I'll now move swiftly on from that indelible image before the metaphor gets totally out of hand...)

The Spring 2013 issue is now at the printer, and the Summer 2013 issue is in layout; over here in my Normandy shack I'm reading your stories for the Autumn 2013 issue, and wanted to shout out and issue a call for more! I would *love* to see stories which really emphasise the "fantasy" in our name - maybe some classic swords and sorcery or even high fantasy, or some planetary romance, or some gritty post-apocalyptic or urban fantasy, or the wildest whimsical surrealism or magical realism. Also stories by female writers! Please consider sending through your stories! In the past six months I've been reading submissions we've had less than 25% stories written by women, and it would be great to receive more.

That's it. Push the boundaries of "la fantastique"! Do you have something which you'd like to see in the BFS Journal, or the idea for a story you've been meaning to put to paper? Please send it through! In these turbulent times there's food for thought and creativity everywhere - whether the purest escapism from economic doldrums, or golden age optimism that this too will pass, or the most incisive agitprop commentary on our 21st century human condition.

I'm looking for stories of 3000-5000 words, though I'll certainly consider more or less. Stories don't have to be just from "British" authors, although if there's an elusive thread linking it however tenuously to these isles that would be great. Genre can be anything you could describe as "fantasy" - in the past couple of issues I've been delighted to select stories of magical realism, psychological horror, black comedy, swords and sorcery noir, and even science-fiction. I'd probably like to receive slightly fewer stories about zombies, but, hey, if it's the *right kind of zombie*...

Whatever your story, please send it through to me, Sarah Newton, at

Many thanks, and all the best,


Fiction Editor, British Fantasy Society Journal