Author Topic: Anyone like fun zombie survival card games? (As I've created one during...)  (Read 1082 times)

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a break from writing the second part of Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue.)

If you do like card games, please check out my Kickstarter.

The game's called Mayhex! [Outbreak on KEMBALT-39]. It's a fun, space station based zombie survival card game for two or more players (ages 13+).

Mayhex! has a unique game mechanic - each card has a dice and a coin printed on it (to enable Dice or Coin Duels). It means you'll always have everything you need all in one pack and an end to remembering that you've forgotten your dice, just as you arrive at your destination.

The objective of the game is to be the first to gain 100 points, only then will you be able to cure the virus and make your escape. However, things are never quite that easy - especially when there are Crawlers loose in the cargo hold, Goblins stealing your equipment and Undead hunting in the passageways. (There's a handy demo video on the Kickstarter page which explains how to play in more detail.)

I hope you can take a look and like what you see. The Kickstarter address is... or use the quick link... which is easier to remember and is shorter to type!

Many thanks for having a look at this post and I hope you enjoy the game.