Author Topic: Pilgrim R4 Thurs 21st Nov 2.15pm Note16th Nov this week lots of Dr Who on radio  (Read 3155 times)

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The first story in a new series of thrilling fantasy adventures.

The immortal wanderer William Palmer - Pilgrim - comes to Lyall Park, where he uncovers an astonishing and disturbing family secret.

Pilgrim, cursed with immortality by the King of the Greyfolk, is forever forced to walk between the human world and the world of Faerie in a never-ending quest to preserve the uneasy balance between the two. In this series, Pilgrim finds himself in pursuit of the mysterious Radiant Boy. On the way he encounters a ballroom filled with un-dead dancers, a cursed village, a woman in love with a man with a fox's tail and a medium who takes him across the line between life and death...

With Paul Hilton as William Palmer, Sean Murray as Kenny, Michael Bertenshaw as Harry, Annette Badland as Colville, Carolyn Pickles as Bryony, Priyanga Burford as Lavinia, James Lailey as Threadgold, Georgie Fuller as Cashier and Colin Guthrie as Sound.

Written by Sebastian Baczkiewicz.

Producer/ Jessica Dromgoole and Marc Beeby for the BBC

Ep 1/4
Thursday 21 November

The rumours was the last series of this was the end so it's good to see it back again, about the only fantasy on radio that's not kids, comedy or a classic/best seller.

Plus since Saturday there have been a lot of Dr who stuff on the radio networks.