Author Topic: Afternoon Drama: Listening To The Dead 5 eps. 2.15p Mon 30th Dec to Fri 3rd Jan  (Read 2877 times)

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This is the blurb for the 1st one but there are 5 on same time everyday next week. all the tales are linked but stand alone.

Afternoon Drama: Listening To The Dead

Enoch Cartwright, a Victorian gentleman scientist, ploughs all his wealth into the development of a machine to record the voice of his dead daughter, Emily, unaware that his living daughter Clara talks to her sister every night.

After developing the means to make long-distance radio transmissions, Marconi devoted much of the rest of his life to listening out for the voices of the dead. If radio can conjure a voice disembodied in space, he expected, as have legions of people since, that radio can capture the voices of those disembodied in other dimensions - in time, in ethereal planes. As technology becomes more sensitive, more diverse, more obscure, there are pioneers always ready to harness the new to the service of this age old fascination.

This is the story of five generations of a family whose members can and can't hear the dead. It's an enterprise to explore the myriad ties, stories and quirks that bind families through the generations, across the spectrum of meanings of 'listening to the dead'. Between allowing the echoes of a beloved's voice to live on, and the notion that the dead can engage in communicating new information, are vast grey areas of misinformation that beguile the bereaved and thrill the imagination.

With Eva Sayer as Clara, Michael Bertenshaw as Enoch, Georgie Fuller as Emily, Priyanga Burford as Josie, Ben Crowe as Mr Wesley Blackburn, Carolyn Pickles as Woman , Arthur Hughes as Joe, Joel MacCormack as George, Ami Metcalf as Narrator. Written by Katie Hims.

Producer/ Jessica Dromgoole for the BBC

Monday 30 December


There are 5 linked tales all week, the notes say they are all independent but the last 2 look like they are very close to each other. The same girl in the blue dress she drowned in appears in each episode. should be fun,

sorry for the late shout out about this.