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Thimblestar, by M.J. Westley
« on: December 05, 2016, 12:53:29 pm »
Says Ian Watson: Permit me to puff a wonderfully unique short new fantasy novel—Thimblestar, by M.J.Westley, who is a professional painter of somewhat abstract landscapes, and who long ago was a student of mine. Storm Constantine of Immanion Press was likewise wowed when I sent it to her, and she has published Thimblestar beautifully, but I worry that the book might get overlooked amidst the many others.  I urge everyone involved in fantasy fiction to pay heed.  Thimblestar isn't remotely the sort of thing I write myself (or could write), but I was at least capable of writing a blurb (below). Anyone interested in reviewing it, just drop a line to Storm: editorial(at)Immanion-press(dot)com. Vote Thimblestar for the BFS Awards in 2017!

Here is a heroic quest, in miniature you might almost say, an Odyssey where wasp stings serve as daggers, set in undergrowth, in tree branches and trunks, inside hollow skulls buried underground.  Its eloquence is as idiosyncratic in words and as gorgeously evocative as a painting by Richard Dadd, except that human beings scarcely feature in this world of faeries, elves, goblins and other exotic though very visceral and believable entities, gorgeously, cunningly, and eerily evoked.  Here is something very different from tall elegant elves riding horses into battle in movies, or twinkly fairies—Michael Westley's beings are on the edge of alien, cohabiting our world scarcely perceived by us.  This may be one of the strangest books you will ever read, and I even recommend reading it aloud, so as not to miss anything.   "Once when the seasons were six... was the first dream stolen.  Twas placed beneath a mirror, guarded by a dog of bronze."  To build a mythic world, mostly woven out of nature, is a great achievement.

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Re: Thimblestar, by M.J. Westley
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mmm, that does sound interesting…